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The return: CM Punk

A few nights ago CM Punk returned in epic fashion to a crowd that was so pumped up that it made me get goosebumps. I haven't heard a pop like that in a long time, it was reminiscent of when the Rock or Steve Austin's music hit.

AEW grabbed one of the hottest free agents in a long time, someone who the fans clamored for, this is almost a decade in the making and his debut didn't disappoint.

As a life long fan who has a love hate almost toxic relationship with pro wrestling, when people like CM Punk return it brings me back into the fold. Sure I sort of pay attention what's going on In all of professional wrestling, but not 100% invested, maybe I'm around 25%. CM Punk brings in those fans that lay dormant as a fan.

Punk is All Elite and I can't wait to see what he comes up with in that promotional with the creative freedom he will have. That company has a ton of talented people and there are so many options on who he can feud with including Eventually Kenny Omega! This is just awesome to be honest.

His first match will be September 5th, at AEWs ppv All Out at the Now Arena in Chicago against 28 year old potential superstar Darby Allin.

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