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The Predator: My second go around

Predator on blue Ray was placed into the ps4, the surround sound was loud and obnoxious, and I sat down with the Hope's that maybe I misjudged Shane Blacks new Predator movie a few months ago.

I did not.

Like a slap in the face I watched this movie again, like someone smiling while being eye gauged. I did this to myself, I know this, I need help. I didnt learn my lesson and I'm paying for it now.

There were so many things they could of did right, yet didnt. It seemed like they said 'Fuck it', half way through the film.

So many things that make me want to slap myself into a coma that made no sense. They started off decently with a little hiccup here and there, then fell on their face. Yes, it was brutal, but what made Predator and Predator 2 great was the inability to see him, hunting and not knowing when he would strike. In this film, it was as if Predator was a Terminator walking about with no care in the world.

In Next Predator he will be thirty five feet tall and shoot fire from his ass.

I dont know, I dont get it. Three out of four of my kids that watched it, didnt like it. And if I asked my daughter why she did like it, it's most likely because of the dog predator.

I just want to put the people who wrote, produced, and directed this film in a timeout and yell at them, maybe ask them if they know what they did wrong, then throw them in a dark dungeon until they make the perfect script.

I still remember at the end whispering in the theater when they mentioned 'predator killer', that it was the perfect way to introduce Xenomorphs into the shared universe in a decent way. But nope. Mr big shot sniper is basically Iron Man now.

What a waste of an opportunity to recreate a new shared universe. #Predator #Why #Ps4 #OliviaMunn

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