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The Past, the present, the future?

I haven't written anything for a month! Well that's what happens when life gets in the way, it also doesn't help that Covid and the FLU both tried to kill me within a three week period. God damn the assassins that tried to take me out with that poison! So back to the story at hand, with sickness, also getting hit with a side of depression, and a little roundhouse kick to the face with the pointlessness of this all is, I sat a broken person, a person who realized we live in the Matrix. Well not really, but I've been thinking of this site for that entire month and have gone back and forth inside my own chaotic mind of what to make of it all.

Yes I like writing, but when you can't find any writers to maintain the site, or don't get enough views, it kinda stings a little. You put so much effort into pushing articles on twitter or Facebook and try to garner attention, but your work gets nothing, no results, which leads to asking the question, "Why even do it?"

With these desperate unwanted thoughts entering my mindset, it slowly conquered me with its negativity and waved its nasty flag of victory on my imaginary mountain of freedom. It sucks. With that said, I think 2023 is a make or break year for me on this site. So I may write here and there for the month, but the main work will be done in 2023 where I'll put more effort into the website as an all out last ditch effort that may be pointless, yet needs to be attempted, kinda like when the Dothraki straight up charged one hundred thousand undead and thought it was a good idea.

So whats to come in 2023? Changes. First I'm working on a schedule, one that I can keep up with and one that has variety to it. I'm also debating of getting rid of certain topics and just sticking to certain ones for the main blog, such as maybe just pushing sports to the side at the moment. So this is a example of a potential week schedule....


Monday- Movie Review (Blog)

Tuesday- Top List (Blog)

Wednesday- Mike Squared Podcast

Thursday- Retro Thursday ( Blog)

Friday- Video Game Friday (Blog-Stream)

Saturday- Open (R5E Podcast)

Sunday- Open

Mondays would be strictly one full movie review, so I don't feel like I need to go crazy to watch a million things that come out.

Tuesday's would be a "Top list", whether its a top five or ten or whatever the case may be on a multitude of topics.

Wednesday's would have the "Mike Squared" podcast, or at least our attempts to do so since we have no idea what the hell we are doing. The topics would range from mostly toys and games, maybe a dabble of movies and cartoons. Just a fun not so long show where we'd just talk nonsense.

Thursdays are Retro, looking back at certain Cartoons, shows, movies, characters, and Video Games.

Fridays could maybe just be about Video Games, blogging about them or maybe even streaming.

The weekends would be open unless we do another podcast or something, we'll see. Like I said I have a million ideas, I just need to do it!

Again this is just an example, nothing is set in stone other than I want to have a major offensive to make this website better before giving it up entirely. We'll see what happens. I'll work hard and push for the website to be better. Change is definitely needed here. So wish me luck! I just need to punch my ADHD and procrastination in the face and I should be fine!

Again this is just an example, nothing is set in stone other than I want to have a major offensive to make this website better before giving it up entirely.

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