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The Movie Class of 2019

2019 is a big year for movies! Although it seems that every year gets bigger and bigger this year is primed and ready to be a special one. Here are the movies that I am looking forward to… and some not so much.

Priority Number One!

Avengers End Game

Well this is as obvious as it gets. Avengers: End Game is without a doubt the movie I am anticipating most of all. If the Russo brother’s approached me today and said you can watch it right now but then you can’t watch any other movie released in 2019 I would not even hesitate to accept the offer. I have anxiety and night sweats thinking about waiting until the release date. Like what if the world falls into chaos before then and all movies cancelled. 2019 could be the year that IBM Watson takes a classic heel turn and reveals that it is actually Skynet. What if I get diabetic retinopathy and lose my eyesight and because of that I walk in front of two men who are throwing darts at each other and I simultaneously get hit in both ear drums causing them to explode and rendering me hearless. Paranoia aside… End Game is going to be the biggest movie of 2019.

The movie I am most looking forward to next is a tough one. It is almost like a 2a / 2b situation. Ask me today and I might say A. Tomorrow it could be B.

Spiderman Far From Home

I love Tom Holland as Spiderman. I haven’t met someone who doesn’t. This will be the first Marvel flick post EndGame, in what has been touted as what will be a very different Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact I have heard that Far From Home takes place minutes after the events of EndGame. Naturally there are so many question marks surrounding this movie. I didn’t think Marvel would release much, if anything, about Far From Home until after EndGame hit theaters… But I was very wrong. The trailer was action packed, and left multiple questions that need to be answered. Hype is starting to build. While I think Mysterio is an interesting choice for a villain, I have great confidence in Gyllenhall to pull off whatever iteration of the character they give us.


The first departure from the MCU on this list and who better than to plug in here than the King of Monsters. I have been watching Godzilla movies my entire life and I love the big green bastard. It’s been five long years since Godzilla’s return to Hollywood. I loved 2014’s Godzilla. All sins that were committed in the Hollywood attempt from 2000 have been forgiven from me. Confession, I did enjoy the 2000 Godzilla. It was a simpler time… and I was young and naive. In 2014 I’ll admit it did take a while for the big guy to finally get on screen, but I enjoyed the story enough that I wasn’t too peeved about it. I’m really looking forward to King Ghadorah in this movie. Ghadorah is a straight up bad ass and arguably Godzilla’s toughest foe. I have very high hopes for this follow up. In general, this is the only other shared universe I take seriously. When King Kong and Godzilla collide… it should be absolutely epic.

Looking forward to

Captain Marvel

Back to the MCU. I’ve already procured my tickets for this one. This is a tough spot for Captain Marvel’s entrance into the MCU Being released just 7 weeks before EndGame it is hard to stay focused on this movie. It is like going out to a fancy restaurant. Endgame is the filet mignon that you just ordered, and Captain Marvel is the bread that is on the table in the meantime. Sure you are going to slather some butter on that bread and eat it. And probably enjoy it. But no matter how good that bread is, it’s the steak that truly has your mouth watering. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to seeing this movie. We are getting several reprisals that will be refreshing. We haven’t seen Fury in a while. Coulson is back and hopefully packing his Steve Rogers trading cards. Ronan the accuser will have another shot to win the hearts of the fans. I’m interested to see Korath reprise his brief role as well. And of course we get the much anticipated debut of Brie Larson. Because the Skrulls have been rumored for so long I feel like they have a lot to live up to. And depending on how far Marvel wants to integrate them into the MCU. Maybe they will be one and done MCU baddie… or maybe we will find out that Tony Stark has been a Skrull this whole time.

MIB International:

You know I love me some Hemsworth! The first trailer looked great so I am officially excited for this one. Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson had amazing chemistry in Ragnarok so I can’t wait to see them team up again.

Toy Story 4:

Confession… I have not seen Toy Story 3. I’ll put it on the list for 2019. In general… if Tom Hanks is in, I’m in.

Lion King: Naaaahh Ennyyenhhaaaa mmbababeeetssyaahhhh! I don’t think it will be as good as the original, but get those tissues ready. Ahweemo wit, Ahweemo wit, Ahweemo wit.

The wildcards

Shazam: The trailer for this one really felt like a DC facelift attempt. Like they actually put some effort into doing something different. I am heavily skeptical of anything coming from DC so the jury is still out on this one. I will say that the Shazam fake muscle suit looks a bit ridiculous. Especially when you look at the photo-shopped Black Adam equivalent suit on the Rock it just looks like the Rock in his natural form.

Joker: I want to be excited… But I also want to slap whoever at DC decided it is ok to have multiple actors play a character at any time, in any movie, whenever they see fit. Didn’t we just have a stupid tattooed joker? Are we over that already? Rumors say we may get another Batman now. Who knows what is happening to Superman. They’re dumbest move to date, dropping Henry Cavill as Superman…. No wait their dumbest move was Justice League…. No wait their dumbest move was that pathetic attempt at bringing Doomsday on screen…. Let’s just call it a tie… Martha! So yeah… Joker… at least the bar is set low for Joaquin Phoenix. Like it’s literally just lying on the floor. Who knows maybe there are brains behind this and they knew they needed a complete flop in Leto just to purposely lower the expectations. Let’s face it, Heath Ledger is both the joker that we deserved and the one that we needed. No matter who tried to follow his performance they were going to fail. Robert De Niro is in the movie so that is a good start.

Not so much

Star Wars Episode who cares

The conclusion to the new Star Wars trilogy… Episode VII was good. Episode VIII was downright terrible. Now I have not seen episodes I – III in some time but today I would argue that VIII is the worst Star Wars movie ever made. It is absolute trash. Nothing made sense. One of the most legendary fictional characters ever made was turned into a footnote in his final reprisal. Luke Skywalker deserved more. It blows my mind that a team of people got paid more money than I will ever see in my lifetime to make this movie and this is the best they could do. I’m convinced that you could give an 8 year old a handful of Star Wars toys and if you just sit and watch them play with said toys for two hours you would get a better story, and it would make more sense. I am not looking forward to this movie in the slightest bit.

Dark Phoenix: Is this Fox’s farewell to X-Men? I hope so. Fox sucks and their X-Men movies suck. The only good super hero movie that has come out of Fox is the one that they didn’t want to make. I’m pretty sure Ryan Reynolds pulled a gun on someone at Fox to get them to green light Deadpool. So that shows you how good the decision makers there are. They knew that when Hugh retired they were done. Thus the deal was made with Disney. Honestly though, I think X-men movies are probably the hardest to make. Instead of focusing on one character, and their hero’s journey they have always had to try and mash an entire team’s worth of shenanigans into two or less hours. It’s bound to get messy, and characters are going to get shortchanged.

Two Movies that I was not aware of.

Terminator: Yeah I guess let’s keep beating this one. This franchise needs a new angle. Not that they have not explored it in the past… future only movies… TV series. Nothing just seems to stick… Not Since T2. And I had very high hopes for Christian Bale. Terminator needs to find its Jurassic World. Jurassic World breathed life into the franchise and made up for the dumb sequels that were forced. Actually I think we are supposed to pretend that Lost World and JP3 never happened… and JW is the direct sequel to the original.

Zombie Land 2: Well we know Bill Murray isn’t in this one. But I’ll take the zombie bait on a matinee day.

More big titles that I probably won’t get around to seeing in theaters, but I felt I should include them.

John Wick Three: I’m going to catch some heat for this one. I haven’t seen the first or second Wick either

Aladdin: The year of Disney continues.

Dumbo: Another tear jerking classic

New Mutants: New mutants, old mutants, who gives a shit.

Glass: Already out. Shredded Professor X with a case of roid rage. I wish it was Patrick Stewart instead. I haven’t seen any of the other movies in this universe so I am not going to start here.

IT 2: The success of the It remake in 2018 opened the door for classic horror films everywhere. Be ready for the flood.

Hellboy: This reboot will have its work cut out for it to be successful

Sonic the Hedgehog: I could think of better video game characters to move to the big screen.

Secret Life of Pets 2: The first one was ok. Nothing special. I’ll skip round two.

What are you looking forward to seeing in 2019? Or are there any movies you are absolutely dreading? Log in and tell us what you think!

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