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The Mandalorian!

Sign me the hell up! Mandolorians coming to a television series!? Yes please!

Mando armor. Mando weapons. Bounty hunters. Mercs.

During the new republic era we are getting a show about Mandolore and it's people. A proud people who are used to waging wars stubbornly. Just watch the Clonewars, those episodes are probably some of the best they have done in that series.

Jon Favreau's tweet of the shows title, Mandalorian, and synopsis of what the show is about has got the world buzzing and me piddling on the floor.

No we can only sit and wait for a potential game changing Star Wars live action show, which I thought was a bad idea, but have slightly had my mind changed due to this news.

So....Ba'gedet'ye (You're Welcome in Mando) Bring on Mandolore and it's people #Disney, dont let me down!

#Starwars #Mandalorian #Disney #Bringiton

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