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The Last Jedi

Last Jedi.....

Spoilers (Its been a year people!)

Having watched it three times so far, I was really caught off guard by where Rian Johnson brought the franchise at the first showing. Having watched it a second time, I see things a little differently, changing my opinion slightly.

Several things bothered me about the movie, but I think they nailed several other things. As a fan of the franchise I had, like others, an opinion on where they would go in the 9th movie of the Skywalker trilogies. Including what Luke would do after the silent treatment we were given in Force Awakens, which I loved, because JJ Abrams teased it and gave us a glimpse of Luke at the end of part 8, thay made me want part 9 right then and there.

Things that bothered me. 1. Rose and Finns relationship and mission. Their whole story arc didn't really hook me. I like Finn, I didn't like Rose. 2. Boba Fett #2, Phasma. She was teased at being a bad ass, but she gets tossed into a trash compactor in force Awakens and then beaten by the janitor in Last Jedi, leaving us thinking she's dead. (Shes probably not) 3. Snoke...RIP...he was teased and finally comes to the screen and quickly is thrown away. I get it, in the original movies we barely get the Emperor Palpatine and he's quickly disposed of by the end of part Return of the Jedi. 4. Rose crashing into Finn to save him but screwed the resistance. 5. The resistance strategy was stupid from beginning to end. 6. The movie made the First order look like the Gungans army, they were pathetic in every way. 7. Rey is a master jedi in a day. Wtf. Luke trained for like 6 years movie time, and still wasn't a master. Rey is just to powerful. 8. It feels like they want all the old character dead so they can move on, might as well put R2D2, C3P0, and Cheewie in the Falcon and crash into a rock at lightspeed. 9. It seemed like Rian undid everything JJ did. 10. LEIA, flying in space, was weird and I didn't get it. 11. Killing off old characters to show new ones that didn't even last... 12. I didn't understand the time frame.

Things I did like: 1. The chemistry with Rey and Kylo Ren is awesome. Loved anytime they were on screen. 2. Thinking of it, I didn't like how Luke was portrayed, but now I feel he was like a typical jedi, much like Obi Wan and Yoda, he went into isolation after failing. 3. Luke beats Kylo without using force, being what a jedi should be, a peacekeeper, helping the resistance escape without swinging a single blow with his lightsaber. 4. Kylo's temperament. He loses his shit constantly. Love it. 5. The porgs were cute and didn't really affect the movie at all, except Cheewies future diet. 6. The music is still amazing and the visual effects were top notch. 7. Luke at the end gave me goosebumps, almost coming in like an old western sheriff against a horde of bandits, or a samurai against a clan of ninjas, it was awesome.

Grade wise I'll give it a 84%, a low B. Wasn't a big fan, but didn't hate it either.

Best things: upgraded AT-ATs, jedi and dark jedi vs Royal Guards basically, beginning of the resistance retreat, Poe and his Wedge Antilles like piloting skills, Luke anytime he hits the screen, Rey and Kylo interactions, Snoke showing Rey she is no match for him.

MVP: Kylo Ren....In a single movie he pretty much destroyed the resistance to a few dozen people, confronted Luke who died doing so, became Supreme Leader, and is one of the last jedi, killed Snoke, and showed that he still has good in him by not killing his mother.

Mr/Mrs Irrelevant: Finn....I expected so much from his character, only time he really had me paying attention was when he potentially was gonna go suicidal to knock out a cannon to save his friends and the resistance, but that was taken away by fucking Rose. Not only does Rose kill Jack Dawson, but now she won't allow Finn to die...selfish.

Best scene....There is a few, but ill go with the Kylo vs Luke scene, from when Luke walks out like a lone cowboy to when you find out he's not really there, it's pretty good, although could of been better. #starwars #lastjedi

I give this movie a 2.5 out of 5, although most people would rather be force choked by Vader than attempt to watch this movie.

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