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The king falls, again

I'm not a hater, let's get that right out there. I would take him in New York in a heart beat, but this whole nonsensical idea of Lebron James being the greatest is complete ass and he proved it again against the Suns tonight. Sure he had decent stats, but when it counted, when the Lakers were so close to make a comeback, he missed two damn free throws. Two...

It just puts a smile on my face that he and the Lakers lost against the worst team in the league after nearly a week ago he declared, "Look out, playoff Bron is here." Guess what? The Lakers are terrible and are set to miss the playoffs. Yea, they have time, but with the Spurs winning tonight, the eighth seed is starting to get farther and farther away.

"Go to the west they said, itll be the same as playing the east they said."

I'm just in a good mood now that James lost to Phoenix, it also helps my Knicks as they would be tied in wins for the season.

My face everytime James loses is just of pure happiness, not gonna lie.

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