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The Halloween Hunt

Well Halloween is almost upon us, so why not go out with a bang! Choose who will hunt you on Halloween and who will protect you, but remember, choose wisely or death will soon be arriving at your door step. So, with that said, who would I choose to protect me, and who would I think I could survive against.

So who will be involved in this medieval game from hell? Who will be the characters that will be in this hypothetical war of endurance, blood, and tears? Here's the list of Horror Superstars that will venture with in this epic game of cat and mouse, where I'd try to manage to survive as myself, with protection from one of Horror films heavy hitters.

Freddy Krueger, Pumpkin Head, Michael Myers, Jason, Chucky, Pennywise, Pinhead, and Jeepers Creepers. These are the monsters of film that will be teleported into our world to kill me! Why!? But one, one will protect me! I need to choose wisely here.

But first we need to pick a place for all this to happen. Lets pick four places and try and decide which would be better for me, or you in this game of Survival.

  1. Cabin in the Woods: Well we can go with the old Cabin way, almost a Evil Dead route, where we have both the cabin to hide or the woods to run into.

  2. Subway Station: Dark, scary, and nowhere to hide. Yet I'll know exactly what is coming and know when to run. But theres plenty of room to get away, can I just keep running till time runs out and they disappear?

  3. Abandoned Warehouse: Huge area with plenty of places to hide, but its also a place where they can hide and await me or you as well.

  4. Small Town: This is more ideal I suppose. With plenty of room to both run and hide, but it gives the evil assassins of horror more chances to spread out and hide as well.

Well, I'll have to go Abandoned Warehouse. With a few stories of floors, giant areas of potential racking, and most likely multiple rooms to run into, I think that's my best bet. I can't exactly outrun anyone right now anymore. So with that down, who is gonna be my back up, who will protect my blindside and potentially be my spearhead to freedom!?

With the number one Pick...I select...From Camp Crystal Lake....Jason Voorhees!

"He's like a great white shark. You can't really defeat him. All you can hope for is to survive."

Jason is huge, strong, unrelenting, has no mercy, and will be tough to take down. He always seems to know where his victims are, hes silent as a ninja, can get into almost anywhere, and most importantly he has the "It" factor. Now can he protect me against a whole slew of enemies that may or may not attack simultaneously? I think he can. The Friday the 13th Superstar has experience facing off against enemies with enormous power and succeeded in doing so. I just have a feeling about him. I have a feeling that he will be the hero I don't deserve, but the one I need.

So what villainous pains of asses will be hunting me?!

Freddy Krueger...He's a superstar that's for sure, but his powers lay in dreaming. That's one thing I won't be doing. But if he comes out of that dream, if he's hunting me without the power of those nightmares, I'll literally kick the shit out of him. One, I'm not a kid, two Jason kicked his ass. I think my chances are pretty high to survive him. Although he would freak me out.

The Child's Play doll from hell named Chucky freaks me out a bit, since he likes to hide in small places and barely makes any sounds when he moves. But in an open area, even though he's a scary little fucker, I think Jason squeezes the life out of him and send him to hell. I just gotta keep his tiny hand that wields a knife away, I think its pretty doable. I'd like to think I can kick the stuffing out of small murderer.

Mr. Michael Myers, the kid with some big time issues who killed his sister, never talked again, and eventually tried to finish the job by killing his sister. Misunderstood? Maybe. The Slow walking psychotic slasher who kills everything in his path would be a problem, he's relentless much like Jason, and almost as unstoppable. I feel like he would not work well with others, no one will control him, and any other horror characters that gets in his way to me would feel his wrath. He's a wildcard, a potential ally by consequence. He worries me somewhat.

Pinhead is super powerful and has many abilities, I'd say this character may be the one to fear, but again, I doubt he works well with those hunting me. But I do think he can take Jason down, so that's not a good thing. Maybe I should of chosen the one that comes from Hell! Damnit, its too late now, I've already chosen my fate, I just need to duck and weave those chains he calls upon to grab his victims, maybe try to make a deal.

Pumpkin Head! Well if he was summoned I'm going to assume I did some horrible shit that pushed someone to seek vengeance upon me. This big ass behemoth is as dangerous as they come. This might be one of those monsters I need to take out quick, but how? I would need to kill the one who summoned him and being hunted this side quest of survival would be almost suicide, but it might be a necessary job that has to get done. Pumpkin Head is almost impossible to kill, you need to kill the one who brought him into the world. He's got super strength, can regenerate, and his tracking skills are top tier, he needs to be stopped quickly.

Pennywise the dancing clown....I hate clowns. As an adult, my fears are different then as a child, so I feel although he's a powerful being that if I can keep my fear away and let anger control me, I can escape this Doink the Clown murdering wannabe. Maybe. He's got the whole mind trip attack going though and just looking at him freaks me out. Against Jason though, theres nothing, no fear, just pure rage, I think that helps me out. Jason will have to swipe the smile off of his face. His illusions might cause problems though, I also think with others hunting me, he sits back and doesn't strike until he believes he can win. Maybe he can get into Jason's head, he does fear drowning.

Jeepers Creeepers.....Whatever the hell this dudes real name is irrelevant, I was debating choosing him as my protector due to his intelligence, strength, ability to fly, and his weaponry of destruction would be perfect to take down most of the attackers in this scenario. He's a beast that doesn't stay dead despite what happens to him, but that's against humans, he's been hurt before, although regeneration helps him out. Can he do that against a hellish monster like Jason as well? I don't think so. I do feel that taking down the Creepers dude would push him to attack others for his own survival, which may cause a battle royal of horror villains.

So with that said, the plan is to hide and attack when we can, hoping that the horror villains ultimately fight each other to dwindle the numbers down to the bare minimum. We need to avoid Pinhead and Pumpkin head the most here, although I don't think Krueger and Pennywise can get to me mentally, but who knows if they show me some shocking shit about my kids that I would actually believe it and fall for their deception. Jason is a heavyweight in this battle against other's like him, but several seem to have overwhelming strength against all in this fight.

I'm not sure who the artist is for this picture of Jason murdering Pinhead, but that's the goal. Take out the big fish and fall back to a defensive position. But then I'd be alone to hide against these cunning beings who are hunters themselves, alone to defend myself against more powerful foes, I'm not sure I stand a chance against most. Pinhead and Pumpkin Head need to go quickly, I do know that, I can't wait to try hide and seek against supernatural creatures that can find me. The offensive route is a must off that bat. The other characters I'd hope run into each other and fight, taking their numbers down further. Its a plan I guess. Hit and run, best course of action verses this evil plague that will attempt to get me within the abandoned warehouse of doom.

I give myself a 25% chance to survive this catastrophe that I got myself into. It all depends on Jason and how fast he can take down some of the attackers, or whether the attackers fight each other, or whether I can fend off against the nightmarish visions of Pennywise or Freddy. All in all, as I write this, I'm way over my head. Selecting Jason felt like the right move, and although he's supernatural in his own right and super strong, he's slow, and sometimes he takes his time to kill his victims, time I don't have. I'm beginning to think the warehouse was a terrible move as well, I need more room to maneuver, especially with characters that have tracking abilities, it's to small of a place to hide. I think this is how it ends for me. Damnit! I'm dead!

So who would you pick to protect you? Who would you fear most that hunts you? Could you survive? Would you survive? There are a lot of "ifs" in this situation, but when I started I believed I could get through the night, but near the end that changed, I wouldn't stand a chance, I picked the wrong place, and probably the wrong protector. But now I'm dead, laying a pool of blood forever stuck haunting this stupid fucking warehouse. If I could only go back and choose different......

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