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The End of Marvel on Netflix

“An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one that crumbles from within, that's dead. Forever.”

Zimo has never made more sense. Surely the likes of DC or any other competition to Marvel Studios could never pose an actual threat. But what about if they crumbled from the inside out?

Blasphemous! How can this be said when Marvel Studios is at the peak of an eleven year title wave? While the fandom is boiling over uncontrollably as millions are frothing for any bit of an Avengers 4 trailer, title, even a Russo tease. They are just a few months away from a 2nd two BILLION dollar payout in just about 12 months time. Like it or not, Marvel Studios has redefined Hollywood. But what’s next?

1. The Eleven year story arc on the big screen is coming to a close… Whatever Marvel has planned next, whether it’s Fantastic 4, X-Men, or a different path, I’m convinced the eleven year journey from Ironman to Avenger 4 will go down as the golden years for superhero movies. I do not think anyone, including Marvel Studios, will be able to replicate this.

2. There is almost no chance that the MCU godfather, Robert Downey Jr, and America’s hero, Chris Evans, make it out of Avengers 4. So who carries the torch? Hemsworth? Holland? Boseman? Marvel Studios has been fairly tight lipped about the next several years, but some things, at least in the immediate future, don’t need to be spelled out for us. Black Panther was wildly successful so he is not going anywhere. Holland’s future is a little murkier once his trilogy is complete because of the politics with Sony. Thor has been reborn under the guidance of director Taika Waititi and Hemsworth himself. He’s been publicly vocal about his desire to reprise Thor moving forward but Marvel is radio silent on the matter.

3. Our Galaxy’s Guardians are in jeopardy… If you are reading this you already know the Gunn saga. No need to rehash it. Gunn is gone and not coming back. Since then GoTG vol. 3 has been put on hold indefinitely. It’s hard to imagine Marvel not wanting to fulfill the third installment considering how successful the title has been. If they do pull the trigger on a Gunn’less Guardians, who know what we will get, and who will or won’t be back. ‘Ahem’ David…

4. Finally, the most recent and absolutely devastating news… Daredevil is now done. The writing is on the wall for the remaining heroes in the Netflix Marvel wasteland… the Punisher and Jessica Jones. There is no point in dragging it out or playing coy now, they are toasted. And let’s not dismiss the potential loss of Kingpin either. In my opinion, Wilson Fisk is one of the top villains in all of the MCU. Marvel and Netflix needs to just come out and give us, the fans, what we deserve… Honesty and more importantly (but not going to happen) some damn closure! Daredevil has been absurdly successful and is arguably the greatest superhero TV series ever made. It’s that good. And now they are just going to pull the plug on it when just six weeks ago the biggest threat to Mathew Murdock was teased! A threat that could change the landscape of the entire show! We know the Punisher season 2 is complete and just waiting for release but I assume it will end the same way. Teasing a season three that will never happen. No way in hell these shows will be streamed on anything with Disney in its name, especially the Punisher. Maybe the Hulu thing works out one day but will it be the same show writers, directors, actors, and tonality? The proper thing for Marvel Studios, or Disney, or the Illuminati, or whoever else is responsible for this, would have been to give these shows one final season to wrap up their story arcs. Not just decapitate them and leave the people who have been loyally feeding their pockets, us, left with nothing. It’s like spending all day making Thanksgiving dinner. Slaving away in the kitchen for hours upon hours. Then when all the food is finally prepped and neatly placed on the table… calmly walking outside into the crisp November air and firing and RPG into the kitchen.

So let’s recap.. in mere months we are losing Ironman, Captain America, Possibly Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, or Hawkeye… Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist (I’m sure someone will miss the last two) are all gone. And the Guardians of the Galaxy’s future is in limbo.

There is suddenly a light shadow cast on the Marvel future. And if we Learned anything from Whiplash... “If you could make God bleed, then people would cease to believe in him. There will be blood in the water and the sharks will come.” James Gunn = Shark

Maybe Marvel Studios will make the whole Netflix fiasco right somehow. Maybe they have plans to do great things with our fallen heroes and villains. I’m filled with doubt though. Along with sorrow and anger. Today truly is a day of mourning.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation of all the marvel shows on Netflix? Sign up or login and leave a comment below.

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