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The Dragon Prince

I just finished the first season of The Dragon Prince on Netflix and it's amazing. The music, artwork, and most importantly the story is absolutely great. That's what you want when watching an animated show, great storytelling and characters you fall in love with.

Much like The Avatar: the last Airbender, an older show, the writers of that epic show here that they still have a keen eye for story telling. So many things are happening in this show in a short span of time, but you get everything that's going on. You understand how the world works and how they think in a span of one or two episodes, it's something Star Wars The Last Jedi and the Force Awakens completely just ignored in their films.

The Dragon Prince is cool, funny, goofy, and cute to the point where I wish it didnt end. Now I'm waiting patiently for season 2, where I hope they expand on characters and the lay of the land. The main characters much like in Avatar,come together for a single purpose, to end a war.

The good and bad guy line is very thin and although you see certain bad things happening, they have reasons for these things to happen.

The battle between humans and the world started when dark magic come into play, and obviously some human started this trend, which in turn caused the Elves to push all humans west, which caused sides to be divided, pushing things to war. When the dragon king got involved, it could be catastrophic for the humans, but through that same dark magic, humans killed the beast and destroyed his heir to the throne. This has caused hundreds of years of anger between nations and the fabric a thin line holding back all out war between everyone.

This is the story of war, betrayal, redemption, sacrifice, and unlikely alliances. I love the story so far and the characters that are involved. This show could go on for a very long time, at least that's what I hope. The Avatar was one of my favorite animated shows and it was epic, this could possibly be the same.

Rating wise is hard, its incomplete. We just got a single taste of The Dragon Prince, but as far as seasons go, its intriguing and entertaining. I'm hooked and ready for round two.

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