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The DC Marvel Cold War

The war between Marvel and DC continues quietly in the night as most of us sleep soundly nestled under our comfortable blankets dreaming of a world without the two mega powers at war.

Meanwhile, much like in Lord of the Rings when darkness began to rise and rumors of a forgotten shadow began to emerge, DC made a move for a former director of Marvels, dispatching their Warriors into the night and whisking him away in the foggy night.

Despite his twitter posts which screamed of bad taste but has since been apologized for, James Gunn was let go by Disney and Marvel months ago and while his fans, coworkers, and friends screamed in defiance, he still lost his job.

DC grabbed the director for its Suicide Squad sequel. This move is the equivalent of a top tier running back going to a division rival midway through a season. This is gonna hurt Marvel potentially in the long run. Hes a great director that brought a different style and direction to Disneys property of Guardians of the Galaxy.

As me and my partner in crime, my cousin discussed this move, we believe that if given the time DC will push Gunn as a big time player in the industry and possibly in the long run have Gunn play the role that Kevin Fiege plays so well with Marvel, giving him that role that oversees the future of that company, pushing the envelope and giving us something new and exciting from an otherwise bleak company that constantly tries to keep up with his older brother in Marvel but constantly sees him run a mile ahead.

James Gunn could change the tune, tone, and perception of the DC universe and could be the first of many shots to upend Marvels long strong grip on the superhero genre movie films.

Marvel are the New York Yankees of the late 90s, they are just so good and no one is even close to what they could be. They are on a ten year run that will never be duplicated. Perfect casting, directing, and film choices have constantly been on point and continue to push boundaries and keep us fans entertained.

Which brings me to the point of the rumors swirling above Mordor. Director Travis Knight, who made the Bumblebee movie that is released December 21st of this year in which I'm eagerly awaiting for, almost like a kid on Christmas. Knight has made the rounds of potentially replacing Gunn in the Guardians films. And as I'm not a Hollywood executive I'm not sure of how sound these rumors are or if it's just wishful thinking by others who want hits on their websites and pages. I'm going with the 'potential' approach. Knight who made the amazing stop action animated movie Kubo and the two strings in 2016 could be a great move for Marvel, who basically lost a starting pitcher and needs to replace him with another quality arm.

Grabbing Travis Knight would be a great move by Marvel, hes young, hes got talent, and he has a great mind of story telling. Like I said, if you havent seen Kubo and the two strings, you're missing out on a great film.

The war between the two companies will continue as this trend in taking talent, stealing directors, and developing their own people to destroy each other through film shows there is no end. Much like the clone wars, when Anakin betrayed the republic and destroyed every leader on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith, this could very well be the tipping point DC needs to dethrone the Marvel dynasty.

I think losing Gunn will be a regret that Marvel will ultimately feel in the next ten years. This is on the basis of what I believe Gunn can accomplish at DC.

As fans, all we want is DC to make decent movies. I havent been excited for anything other than Chris Nolans Batman trilogy, which weirdly ended right when Marvel came into its seat of power.

DC also is the first company to have a female director, another shot fired at Marvel. As Patty Jenkins directed the wonderfully done Wonder Women starring Gal Gadot, who was perfectly casted. This move and the success of that film pushed Marvel into bringing their own female director into the fold with Anna Boden, who will be teaming with her partner Ryan Fleck on Captain Marvel which comes out in 2019.

DC and Marvel continue to swap talent as well, the two biggest is probably Ben Affleck who had the starring role as Daredevil in 2003 and return as Batman for DC in 2016, as well as the bigger move in Marvels camp (technically Fox) bringing in Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool after that failed attempt at being DCs Green Lantern in 2011.

(Charlie Cox is my Daredevil, suck it Affleck!) Sorry I had to just throw that out there.

So the moves small and big continue to happen in the MCU and the failing DCU and we cant do anything about it. We can only sit back and watch as the war rages on.

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