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The Boys Season 3 teaser

The Fuckery continues in the Boys season 3 trailer that dropped today, with the announced June 3rd return that will most undoubtedly have our jaws dropping yet again from all the bat shit crazy nonsense these "Superheroes" go through. After watching 'The Boys' season one I'll never trust a super again in my life.

The trailer above just throws information and shenanigans at us and it's just too hard to focus on anything to get a grip on what's happening. We left off season two in a kind of happy but grim sense of things with the future not looking good for anyone. This trailer shows Billy Butcher having some sort of powers which intrigues me, because that's one dude you don't want to have powers! Much like Homelander, he would definitely use his powers to destroy a ton of shit and kill a ton of supers...wait, the supers are bad, well, assholes, maybe we should just let him do it.

Homelander is insane. I love him.

I'm curious on what happens to The Deep in season 3, I thought he was having an arc that made him good, but he turned out to be a wacko and looks to have more problems in this season. Not to mention he might get blamed for the murder of Alastair since he was the last person to be around him, but these dudes mistakenly murder every day so its no biggie I guess.

The team looked like they were heading to splitsville leaving the task to handling the Supers by the government, which wasn't the best idea since a Super is actually in power within the government secretly, which one of the main characters now works for, Hughie is in for some big problems. I wonder how Starlight will intervene in this, or maybe its the beginning of the end of her. I still feel like Homelander might kill her, he's pretty reckless and doesn't think much of consequences other than looking good for public perception.

Miyashiro is another character I hope we see more of, she reminds me of Wolverine, I like to see more development of her in the series, as well as A-Train. I thought A-Train would turn in season two but it makes no sense for his character, so It played well that he betrayed the company he worked to help the would be heroes trying to stop Vought Industries but at the same time helping himself.

And what about Ryan Butcher? The Son of Homelander who kidnapped and raped Becca Butcher, who has immense powers himself, who watched his mother die, and has no one now. He's alone and desperate and has crazy power, that's a recipe for disaster.

Also did Vought convince the American government to use supers in the military? Homelander let the serum loose into the world and other countries tried to make their own which didn't stand a chance against Homelander and his Superman like powers. Will they bring more Supers on board to join the top dogs in the company?

Will Black Noir turn on Vought and Homelander? Will Billy take Ryan Butcher under his wing and protect and possibly train him to take on supers himself? Will Homelander ever not be fucked up? Is Billy going to kill Ryan? Will Vought fight the government now that the congresswomen Victoria is in control of things? Will the Church of the collective be taken over after their leader was killed? Is Victoria and Vought working together? I have many questions that need answering.

With all those lingering questions waiting in the darkness of my mind, I slowly await season three to do what the first two seasons accomplished, which is entertain the hell out of me with a Superhero like story that I've not seen really before with characters I love to follow, who I hope survive through into season four!

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