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The Boys finale


Holy cat shit! I wasn't sure how everything would play out with everything going on. From the news of Soldier Boy being Homelanders father to how Black Noir would deal with his past against Soldier boy, to what Billy Butcher would do, to what the hell the rest of Homelanders broken team would do. Don't forget about Maeve, would she escape her confinement? So many questions to get answered and we get everything we asked for in the final episode.


Everything is revolved around what Soldier Boy would do after finding out that he is indeed the father of Homelander, which we know that's all Homelander wanted to begin with, a family. Now, he has it. Because this episode we see him not only find his son because of Victoria Neuman, because she made a deal with Homelander in the episode prior about something secret which obviously meant finding his son.

The entire episode is up and down as to whether or not Soldier Boy would actually do what he was supposed to do, as he was supposed to kill Homelander if the Boys would help him find and kill his old team. Can he? Would he? Fuck! It was intense edge of your seat anticipation for me through out the entire damn episode. He had emotional spurts of how his father treated him that made you sympathetic to what he had to go through as a kid which made me thing, "God damn, he's gonna betray Butcher and start a super group!"


Speaking of betrayal. Black Noir, who is awesome, was the reason Soldier Boys team betrayed him and was taken by Russia to be tortured basically for like thirty years. Black Noir comes back to the Vaught Towers to his friend Homelander. What I love about this is you can tell they trust each other and Homelander actually confides in Black Noir, telling him things that he wouldn't say to anyone else, including that Soldier Boy is actually his father, which Noir responds by writing on a sheet of paper, He needs to die. The mood is intense at this point. You have no idea how anyone will react up until the point where Homelander asks, " Did you know he was my father and alive this whole time?" Noir being Noir, didn't lie, he nodded which gave us an emotional Homelander who couldn't hold back his tears or his rage. He struck a hole right inside of Noir pulling his intestines out. Rest in peace Noir...Rest in peace.

This was the kind of shit that was happening throughout the episode. Back and forth, up and down, who is gonna do what and who would ultimately end up dead?

I feel like I'm doing play by play now! Damnit! Ok I'll try to get back to the main road here.

The best part of this episode is the build up to what we all know will be the final showdown. From Maeve escaping, to Homelander finding his son, to the Butcher and Soldier Boy making their stand with zero trust with one another, to the Boys inner problems, we get that here.


The final battle....Holy bat shit Batman! First things first, we have no idea if Soldier Boy would actually attack Homelander, even up to the point where Homelander reveals that he has a grandson, yes, he brought his fucking son to a potential battle. He's not the best father figure but you know he cares. Soldier Boy basically is confused for a few seconds until he talks some shit and boom, they all attack. Big problem though, Ryan Butcher tries to stop them and shoots Soldier Boy who fucking slaps him across the room.


So now Butcher's allegiance has changed! He is all about saving Ryan! Soldier Boy wants Homelander dead, but now Billy Boy is in his way! Homelander? Well I guess he would want everyone dead by Queen fucking Maeve starts beating the shit out of him. So now we have Maeve vs Homelander, Butcher vs Soldier Boy, Kimiko taking lives while playing god damn "Maniac" in her head phones. Its pandemonium! Soldier Boy basically beats the shit out of Butcher and even tosses Starlight around like a rag doll. The final battle shows a lot about the characters and shows Starlight being a powerful badass herself. But this episode brings about Maeve's story and how it ends.

Homelander and Butcher get to team up and take on Soldier Boy which was fun and I was hoping that happened. Maeve does some damage to Homelander, showing that although he's pretty unstoppable he's not invincible. She also shows how amazing and tough she is, as Maeve basically gets her eye pushed in and she's like, "Fuck you, I don't care!" She also gets her moment to be a hero, in which Soldier Boy is about to go off and kill everyone, every innocent person in the building and all the hero's/villains in room would of died if she didn't sacrifice herself. She was a hero. She ran at Soldier Boy before he could explode, slamming him through the glass and as he exploded it did its damage, but it didn't take the lives it could of.

This brings about the question, Would Ryan Butcher go with Homelander or Billy? As Homelander looks like he wants to go round 2 with everyone and finish it, Ryan takes his hand, as he wants to leave. Ryan has chosen Homelander which is going to be some bad news for the world I think. As the kid already has emotional problems and Homelander is just going to enable him to do terrible things and let him get away with whatever he wants.


Oh! So....I forgot to mention that Homelander has completely lost it, yeah, even more so then he did. He sent The Deep to do something, we don't know what, we just know the Deep looked disturbed by it and said that it was treason. Well, we come to find out later that he drowns the potential future Vice President. So the puzzle pieces are coming together and I still didn't see it coming. We got Homelander getting his kid, we get the future Vice President dead, and at the end of this amazing episode we see Victoria Neuman on TV being introduced as the next Vice President nominee. Holy Shit! This is her plan! How I didn't connect the dots I'm not sure!

Butcher is also dying because of the compound V that gave him powers for short periods of time. I really wish I could get some of that. Anyway, the doctors gave him one year to live, at most eighteen months. I really feel he will take the permanent compound V to survive this.


Starlight also joins the Boys officially. The team is back at full strength and ready to do some damage. That's when they see Victoria as a potential big problem and Butcher says she has to go. God damn. Now you have the government and Supers against them again!

But this doesn't even take the's what happens in the final scene with Homelander. He introduces his son to the world and a heckler talks shit and throws something that hits Ryan in the face. As his father, he lost control, Homelander lasers the face right off of the civilian. The crowd is in first. Homelander knows he fucked up and doesn't know what to do, then they cheer...They fucking cheered! Homelander is both confused and happy, he didn't expect that at all. I didn't expect that at all! Most importantly, Ryan who looked upset, began to smile. He's gonna do some heinous shit I think, I can't wait.

So did you see the Boys final episode? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

This show is one of the best on television right now and this episode gets a 9.7 out of 10 from me, the season is 9.5 despite the weird shit it throws at us.

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