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The Book of Boba Fett

Well, I started this series two weeks into it because of a stupid sickness and procrastination, but I finally got to see it despite what some people said, that "It isnt good." Well, I did so get off my back about it.

With the two episodes we get in "Stranger in a strange land" and "The Tribes of Tatooine" we get a glimpse into the Boba Fett character. He's not a bad person. He's actually a man of honor and these two episodes show us the man he is, it also gives us glimpses into his past on how he escaped the sarlacc in Return of the Jedi which I loved.

Man, there's a lot to get into and I don't want to get lost in the moment of discussing every single thing, so we'll go over the most intriguing, entertaining, and memorable moments in the first two episodes.

Episode one gave us several key moments in the Boba Fett story, especially the how he lost his armor that eventually makes its way into the Mandalorian down the line. Those damn pesky Jawas steal everything! The also yell Houdini, which will always make me giggle. As Boba Fett barely escape the Sarlacc, he is half knocked out, before he's robbed of his armor, kicked in his face and left to die in the middle of the ocean of sand.

He's captured by a tribe of Tusken Raiders and had to basically live with them for a while. After getting his ass kicked and a failed attempt of escaping because of a stupid Rodian. He eventually was somewhat accepted after saving a Tusken child from a sand creature that reminded me of the main demon monster from the movie "The Gate". The whole Tusken Raider Fett respect of the clan and almost gives you a Last Samurai type of feel of when Tom Cruises character began to love the Samurai ways and embraced it, thats what I began to feel for Fett in this episode.

But as the past is shown, we get to see what happens to Fett's attempt at taking Jabba's palace and becoming the new leader as he accepts tributes from others as the new Daimyo. He also accepts two former guards of Jabba the Hutt and the Twi'lek Bib Fortuna who are Gamorreans, both who offer their services as body guards.

I have to say they made the Gamorreans bad asses in this, not only for loyalty, but for fighting ability. They didn't give a damn about numbers and were legit ruthless in their attacks once those weird red ninjas from GI Joe attempted to assassinate Boba Fett and his right hand Fennec Shand, his own amazing assassin. The battle was somewhat in slow motion at times but then picked up once the Gamorreans decided they needed to intervene and just beat the crap out of their opponents. Loved it. I always thought their race was annoying until this episode.

After capturing two of the assassins Shand decided to just kick one off the roof so it would be easier to deal with, which again made me laugh. She's smart, cunning, and a bad ass, my only worry, although she seems loyal, is that she ultimately turns on Fett, but the more I see how her character deals with things the less I believe that will be the case.

Episode two shows how Fett actually gets respected within the Tusken Raider tribe and even goes as far as to take matters in his own hands when the tribe is attacked by spice runners aboard a giant hover train that is heavily guarded. It pisses Fett off to the point where he finds a part of that gang what has been going by here and there via swoop speeder bikes. He finds them at a dump of a bar and takes care of them all, then steals their swoop speeders, because he has a plan to stop that damn train, a train that fired upon them and killed many of the Tusken tribe.

The Train attack was a fun little battle that reminded me of some old western movies where the robbers would try to steal from a train, accept this was a personal mission to stop this train from ever killing their people again. We get some fun moments from Boba Fett's fighting, to his training the Raiders to use the swoops when all they've used in life were animals for transportation, thats like taking a someone riding horses for twenty years and then saying "Hey man, come drive this car."

After successfully attempting to stop the train a honorable bargain was struck with the leader from Fett, in which a deal of transportation through the Tuskens lands would have to be paid from now on, Fett then let them leave, and even gave his word that walking back to civilization would be under the protection of the Tuskens themselves.

This brings into the picture that there are several gangs and syndicates operating on Tatooine, because we next see that the assassins that were sent in episode one was most likely sent from two who also claim Jabba's chair and palace, the twins, two Hutts who have come to Tatooine. That was pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the Black furred Wookie that they employed walked out, holy shit he's huge! That made me go "Oh shit" and I can't wait to see what the Wookie does in future episodes.

"I will rule with respect," Boba Fett says and I believe it, I think there's a gang/ territory war coming on Tatooine, and Fetts gonna need a bigger force to deal with it. I have a strange feeling that Emilia Clarke's "Solo" character will be a part of this show at some point. All in all both episodes were entertaining and the final Tusken Warrior dance reminded me so much of a Haka.

So what did you think of the first two episodes? For me "Stranger in a Strange Land" gets a 4.0 out of 5 and "The Tribes of Tatooine" gets a 4.1 out of 5. Loved both episodes and the path the characters are on, its setting up for a gang war and potential surprise or two in the next few episodes! It also pushed me to like the Tusken Raiders as well as the Gamorreans, who I disliked before.

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