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The Batman

As I sit here I wish I had a chance to watch the newest edition of the DC family, The Batman. I'm a fan of Robert Pattinson and hoped that he killed it as the newest caped crusader and I will be seeing the film most likely this weekend.

But since we couldn't see it yet, we sent someone to see it for us. So, without giving details of the movie, I'll just give you some quotes that were given for the movie.

Rogue 5 Entertainment's own HJ saw it Monday and was extremely happy on what he saw, especially about being skeptical.


"My initial reaction is that the movie is on the same level as begins to me."

Dark Knight is probably the best Batman movie in most opinions but Batman Begins is in no way a terrible movie, it's actually a pretty great movie, so it being compared to that is a good thing, right?

That's a minor complaint that could be said in most films. But the fact that he believes its "A Banger" of a film gives me hole that not only that I'll love this movie but it'll rate high in DC films as well as Batman movies as one of the best.

Again...being faithful to the material and understanding the Batman character as a film maker is key to creating a great Batman movie. This is also great news that makes me excited to see what Matt Reeves created for us all.


Tim Burton styled soundtrack?! I'll take it! Take a listen to Riddlers theme!

The next is sort of a Spoiler so don't go any further if you don't want what pops up at the end!


For those who stayed.

This image pops up and if you follow the link to decode the message it says, "You think I'm finished, but perhaps you don't know the full truth. Every ending is a new beginning. Something is coming."


What's coming!? What happened in this movie!? What surprises are we in store for!? All that and more next time on Dragon Ball Z!!

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