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Thank you Knicks

Well, "We here" and out of the playoffs just as fast as we fought our way in. Well, not me, them, I didnt do anything. I just sit, stare, point, cry, and scream at the moving pictures on my magic box.

The New York Knicks had a fantastic season and fought until they end, they just stumbled a little at the end. I thought they had a decent chance at beating the Atlanta Hawks like most of the analysts I listen to. I had hope after the first two games, but that hope dissipated into the wind after game three. If they couldnt stop that young pain in the ass Trea Young then I didnt think they stood much of a chance.

Randle and Barrett had amazing seasons and showed huge promise for the future of this young Knicks team, but they pretty much disappeared in the playoffs and when two of your big stars just vanish in the night during critical games it's not gonna end well. But it's ok, they over performed this year, they were said to win 20 games and doubled that. They had one of the best defenses in the NBA under Thibodeau and they look to have righted the ship.

With guys like Mitchell Robinson, Randle, Barrett, Quickley, and Obi Toppin on the roster and a crap ton of cap space, plus multiple first round picks in the next few drafts, they look like they're on the right track to turn the franchise back around to where it was in the 90s. I know that's asking for a lot, but it's not unfeasible at this point. Although, I've been hopeful in the past and have been let down each year, it was almost a given that the Knicks would play up there potential off season free agency grab bag of superstars only to take the leftovers.

But this feels different. This feels like the car that was out of control for almost twenty years has finally gotten itself a great defensive driver who can finally steer the car straight. This is the year the Knicks went from Joke of the league to promising young team with huge potential. This is it. This was the year the Knicks finally had enough of mediocrity and kicked the door open to a world of endless possibilities. We here!

So am I disappointed about the 4-1 series loss to the Atlanta Hawks? Absolutely. Was I disappointed on the way they lost these games? Sure. They had a lousy series and lost because of it. I'm still happy that they reached the playoffs and had a great season, a season in which the fans were intoxicated by, so that's enough for now. We fans will now sit in anticipation of what's to come, with our imagination running high on all the players that could potentially be in the New York Knicks uniform next year. We will wait and be patient, because we've trained ourselves to deal with disappointment for so long, now that we have a decent future ahead of us, we can wait a little longer.

I'm proud of the Knicks and the way they fought this year. Thank you Knicks for a great entertaining year, thank you for having a team worth rooting for with hardworking stars up and down the roster. Thank you.

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