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Tesla: Humanoid Robots 2022

I guess Musk hasn't seen a single Terminator movie to understand what happens when humanoid robots run around.

I'll tell you. Skynet happens followed by Terminators, you know those exo skeleton robots that try to eradicate humanity, those peace loving robots that have our best interests in their empty hearts.

The "plan" is to have these endless amounts of 5 foot 8 robots entrenched within out society doing easy jobs that will require the United States to push itself into Universal Base income.

So not only will the robots take jobs away, they'll most likely want rights once whatever skynet version is born from all this and eventually the program will realize humans are just a huge problem that needs to be eradicated. Thanks Elon...thanks for potentially pushing us into an eventual AI vs human war.....well at least humans would have to ban together to fight them, so maybe it isn't a bad idea.

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