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Tea & A Movie: 2010s Monsters

Tea & a Movie: Monsters

Tea and a movie is me sitting down to watch a movie with some good ass generic tea from walmart with a ton of sugar to keep me energized and ready to battle any sort of evil that pops out of the television.

A short review will be written because I'm a lazy dick bag, followed by a MVP award for best performance in the movie.

So getting into our first movie while I'm sucking down a pound of sugar that has been slightly mixed within my hot watery goodness that was an instrument of creating America, let's get into it....Monsters!

I basically checked this movie out on the fact that my boy Gareth Edward's was the director, as I loved Rogue One and Godzilla.

The movie begins by saying there is alien life discovered within our own solar system and that NASA sent a probe into space to gather samples, on its return, the probe broke up on re-entry over Mexico, and pretty much after that these creatures began to appear, pushing Mexico into having half its country blocked off as an infected zone. That was six years ago, now both Mexico and American militaries have been trying to contain this problem.

The movie reminds me of a mix of Cloverfield and District 9 but not as good. I liked the background noise of the actual monsters, but the story of the two main characters I could care less about. I also didnt feel any chemistry with the two main people in Whitney Ables character Sam and Scoot Mcnairys character Andrew, they pretty much just annoyed the piss out of me, I dont know why.

Sam is stuck in Mexico after being injured, her father is a rich owner of a newspaper company and it just so happens to be a photographer in the same area of his daughter that works for him, so Andrew is sent to get her home and make sure shes safe, hes reluctant because he wants to do his job and this women is just in the way of doing that.

Long story short, they go on a little adventure to get her home through and began their relationship, blah blah blah.....The main point is getting back to America, which is surrounded by gigantic walls that President Trump put up after going back in time.

There are some intense moments that I loved and some moments that absolutely missed. I didnt like their chemistry at all as main characters, but I enjoyed the potential of the movie, and what was happening in the world around them.

It was like a tease from Edward's, the story could of been amazing. I liked the feel, the music, the sound, the landscapes, and possibilities that this world had to offer, but I think it was held back by either the acting, chemistry, or dialogue, maybe all of it.

When it ended I was left confused and numb to what had happened. What was the lesson of it all? Maybe sometimes what we fear isnt a threat in the first place, but as we are afraid we automatically want to destroy what is causing that? Or maybe Big Bird isnt real, but a figment of my imagination, so I need to not listen to him when he tells me to run over Mickey Mouse with a bulldozer, I'm not sure.

Rating wise it's a 2 Monster flip kicks out of 5, bordering on buying the DVD to throw it at the mentally ill like Batman would of wanted me to.

This movie is "Rent if your bored" or "Rent if you like cheesy monster movies" type of film.

This movie came out in 2010 and it makes you wish The Gareth Edward's of today had a big budget to redo this movie.

If you seen this movie, did you like it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

God, I wish those alien creatures killed the main characters.

MVP of Monsters: Some no named dude who sold Sam a ferry ticket for 5 grand, which got stolen, then took a 20 plus grand engagement ring as payment to send the two main characters through the quarentine zone with escorts. The dude made out big time. Hes the kind of guy I want negotiating for me.

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