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Tatanka and the rematch I need

Ludvig Borga verses Tatanka, The match I need to see, I dont care if it's a terrible match as long as I can get that small part of me back, the part of me that lost my shit when I saw Tatanka jumped and hit with a chair, then pinned with one fucking finger. I was so pissed I quietly went upstairs in my cousins house and ripped apart a Stuffed ninja turtle. (I still regret killing the stuffed toy) I just need to see Tatanka put an end to Borga, with my own eyes.

This match between heel Borga verses Tatanka destroyed the rest of his career in my eyes and he never even got a chance to get revenge on paperview. Tatanka was set for his revenge match against Borga at Royal Rumble 94 in which I was hoping he would throw a tomahawk at him, which would be illegal and cause a disqualification but I didnt care. I hated Borga. Then like a ghost he disappeared, never to be seen again. I'd like to think hes on the run, knowing the Native American was gunning for him so hes been on the run ever since.

But I would also like to blame several others in Tatankas demise.

Lex Luger. The All Americans so called leader of Survivor Series 93 who left his friend and teammate to suffer at the hands of multiple opponents. He was apparently stuck in the back behind a locked door. He can lift 600 pound dude but cant open a locked door. Great leader.

This single loss pushed Tatanka into mediocrity. Pushed him to the brink. And in his darkest days of despair, he turned to someone else, someone with years of experience and pockets full of cash. He turned on his friend to help his family, what a wrong with that? We would all sell out if it meant to better ourselves and our families situation. I hoped this would be the move that helped his career and unfortunately, in the WWE, it really didnt. Although he had some big feuds at the time and main evented a paperview against Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow in a tag team match.

Other than that, he didnt do much in WWE. After two years of being undefeated, losing to a guy who just started then having that bastard leave just like nothing happened pissed me off. Sure Bam Bam Bigelow verses Tatanka was fun at Royal Rumble 94, but I would of been a lot happier of Tatanka samoan dropped Borga off a ladder into a glass plate of misery, sending Borga away for good, and putting a smile on my unhappy face.

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