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Survivor Series 2018 awards

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

I'm not writing about each individual match, instead I'll be giving out awards. Match of the night, Douche of the night, moment of the night, and MVP of Survivor Series.

This show was definitely worth a watch just from the two main events itself. I'll tell you I wasnt disappointed at all, i left completely satisfied and feel that the only real great thing that's going on is the womens division.

So let's get right into it with the asshat of the night, the award winner of douche of the night. Mr. Enzo who tried taking over the show by sneaking in and hiding his face until the show began, then attempted to take the show over with him going crazy and trying to get the crowd to say his catchphrases. Hes got issues and obviously needs attention. Maybe this was his way of screaming to Vince to hire him back, that the fans still like him. But no, we dont. He was fun for awhile but apparently hes a dick behind the scenes and refuses to really learn the art of wrestling. So goodbye Enzo, stay home next time. On a side note, McMahon will have him arrested if he shows up at any other WWE events.

Its not an award, but more of a observation. Nia Jax getting big time heat from the crowd was awesome. The fact that they are letting her run with what happened on Raw, when she busted my girl Becky Lynch's face and caused her to miss Survivor Series, is awesome. Shes pulling it off and after she betrayed her own team just to get the win was a middle finger to all the fans. Love it.

Survivor Series rookie of the year: It was extremely hard not to give the nod to cruiserweight champ Buddy Murphy after that great match up against Mustafa Ali, but I have to give it to Ronda Rousey for a great performance, shes been killing it in WWE.

After much deliberation with myself in the last few seconds I've decided to pull the rookie of Survivor Series award away from Rousey and give it to Buddy Murphy for a stellar match and title defense. Sorry Ronda.

Match of the night goes to Charlotte against Raws women champ Ronda Rousey. Holy shit. I was excited for this match for what I believed would be at Wrestlemania, but then we got an early Christmas present thanks to Nia Jax, and I was not disappointed. Back and forth between the two in a great battle between two of the top women in professional wrestling. I'm not a huge fan of Rousey, but she gets better and better in the ring and I'm started to respect her. The drama in the match, the ring psychology, the brutal moments. Two thumbs up. Bravo ladies amazing job. Let's not forget the epic out of nowhere freak the fuck out Charlotte moment at the end where she caned the hell out of Ronda and left her laying in the ring with a bloody mouth and body full of bruises. I love this Charlotte! The four horsewomen are coming my friends.

Moment of the night, Daniel Bryan having Brock Lesnar in a submission hold and everyone thinking he was gonna tap out. Great story telling in the match. I believed like many that this was gonna be a squash match, much like Brock verses John Cena a few years ago. I thought Vince was pissed at Daniel because he didnt go to Saudia Arabia, again much like many people. After taking some of those cringeworthy german suplexes, I giggled to myself and said "hes gonna get killed." Brock had the match easily won and decided to toy with him, which started a great comeback and a great impact match. DB came back after kicking Brock in the balls much to the fans delight, cause they went nuts. After the ass beating Bryan got, it became a decent match. There were moments where I didnt know who was gonna win. I was happy with the result as Brock planted Bryan into the mat out of nowhere to win with the F5.

MVP of the night: This is difficult to decide. You had Nia Jax helping her team win by defeating Asuka, Seth Rollins defeating Nakamura, Braun helping his team defeat Smackdowns team and Brock defeating Bryan. I gotta give the award for MVP to Charlotte Flair. I'm definitely a fan but she made this show amazing after that crazy freak out where she put Ronda Rousey in her place and left her laying. I'm clapping my invisible internet hands for you Charlotte, Bravo. Everyone needs to bow to the queen after another great performance.

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