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Super Mario, with subpar voice?

Who is ready for Mario to go into the mushroom kingdom and fight his arch nemesis Bowser!?

Now if you watch the trailer, it actually looks amazing, the graphics for this seems to be top notch and the story will obviously will be a bit of drama mixed with a ton of comedy featuring Jack Black as the big bad villain along side Chris Pratt as the Hero opposite him.

I don't get the hate for Pratt's voice as Mario, the voice is fine, we are just for some odd reason glued to the old styled voice, which I get. It's ok. It'll all be ok.

The cast on this is absolutely amazing in my opinion, truly an allstar cast that will bring to these characters to life in a way they haven't been before. I really like the animated direction they go with as well, not that the original live action movie wasn't great.....Ok well it was terrible, a movie that's so bad that its good! So here is the the entire cast down below!

  • Chris Pratt as Mario

  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach

  • Charlie Day as Luigi

  • Jack Black as Bowser

  • Keegan-Michael Key as Toad

  • Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

  • Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong

  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek

Bowser looks like an absolute beast and isn't a character to be messed with and love Jack Blacks voice for this big terrible baddie. I also heard that their might be some singing for his character and it makes sense that they would go that route, maybe that's why he was cast.

Without even looking at the cast and based just on the trailer I didn't even know Donkey Kong was involved in this! Dude...Donkey Kong might be a a threat to stop Mario is some way like the old games or maybe an ally against the dreaded forces of Bowser. Imagine a Bowser verses Kong fight!?

I'm not sure who would come out on top in that battle. Bowser looks to be OP in the trailer, although his opponents weren't a real threat to him. I'm not sure, I think Kong would choke out Bowser, but maybe Bowser just ground and pounds Kong, its something I'd like to see. Ok I'm going off topic here a bit.

But just imagine, yeah?

In any event, the movie looks surprisingly good for what I've seen and the whole "his voice doesn't work" thing is a little ridiculous to me. Pratt will do an amazing job with the Mario character. This looks like its the first actual film Michael Jelenic is directing, although he has a ton of experience in writing, editing, and producing for shows like Teen Titans Go, Batman vs Dracula, Ben Ten, and the rebooted Thundercats as well, I have no doubt that he did an amazing job for this film and the finished product will be a very good kids movie with little jokes that adults will get. Alongside Jelenic is teammate of Teen Titans GO Aaron Horvath, who also doesn't have a lot of experience in directing but is co-directing this with his buddy. Their sense of humor will go along way with this franchise.

The trailer gets an 90 from hits all the right spots and leaves you wanting a little more despite that outcry for Pratt to alter his voice for the Video game icon.

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