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Sun's drop kick James & The Lakers

Life is good. The Lakers again fall to the Sun's puts a smile on face. I'm sure LeBron James will trade half the roster before the team gets home now.

Phoenix karate chopped LA In the throat and they didn't do anything about it. I honestly thought LeBron would try and take over the game but he never did, I think they have to many mouths to feed with AD, Westbrook, and himself.

I like most people believed Westbrook wasn't a good fit for this team and I obviously can still be proven wrong, but right now at 0-2 , it doesn't look good. I'm so happy!!

The Lake show will definitely get better and I still believe this is a four seed playoff type team, they have too much talent at the top for them just to suck, which is something I pray to Michael Jordan everyday for, but we all know James will somehow will this team to start winning.

On a side note, Carmelo Anthony had 16 points in 24 minutes playing last night with 5 rebounds and 1 assist, including going 4 for 6 downtown. Love it. I hope he continues playing well, but Obviously I hope they lose every single God damn game.

I really want to shake Chris Paul's hand for making yesterday even better with the Lakers loss coming on the same night as a giant Knicks win, definitely one of the best Unbirthday gifts I've ever gotten this year.

So do you think this Lakers team can change it around and start winning?


Here's a poem.

Lakers suck, What the fuck, can they win, who cares, fuck em.

So honestly, comment if you think James trades Westbrook to Russia or Alaska now. Hopefully Sundays game against the Grizzlies is much of the same, I hope Morant scores 75 points against the Lakers.

Side note. Who ya got in a fight? AD or Dwight Howard?

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