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Stupid Fortnite toys!

Holy ass crack Santa Claus! See the above picture? Yes? Ok, that my friends is a package called bullshit. The popularity of the game called Fortnite has shifted its grasping hands over the toy market this Christmas and is shelling out toy figures.

Wonderful. I'm sure many children will want these overpriced packages of shit and yes, I've bought the squad package of four that costs a mind boggling $40 along with another single figure that costed $20 which now I'm regretting. I feel like I was just eye gauged and punched in the neck.

What happened to toys like GI Joe, where I could buy Storm Shadow, Alley Viper, and Snakeyes for the good old price of $3 dollars each equaling an amazing back rubbing deal of nine bucks?

Dear Santa Claus, get your bag of shit together and figure this toy inflation out, theres no way these figures cost that much to make. Also get your reindeer off my damn roof before I throw you and them off like Tim Allen!

Bottom line is the toys are ok to look at, I get it, they have detail and they are from a popular game that the world is in love with at the moment. But I'd take my GI Joe's over this bullshit any day.

I'm sure while your Fortnite guys are hopping all around my GI Joe's would cut them down without any remorse, shooting laser weapons from Cobras Hiss Tanks obliterating Tilter Towers and everyone that was in the vicinity while Python Patrols Conquest X-30s dropped bombs on Salty Springs leaving the the site a melted wasteland.

Before Cobra Commander and company decide to destroy fortnite and its Hunger games ways, I suggest you bring the prices down to your shit toys, thanks.

PS- Put GI joe in your games.

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