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Story time: The Chicken

Imagine going to a house to do a furniture Delivery and the customer stood outside on their porch looking distraught. Now imagine beginning to walk towards that person and that customer yells out, "Can you check on my chickens!?"

My mind usually goes into imaginary world on its own so it took me a few seconds to figure out that yes, yes it was really happening.

So I mistakenly said, "Um what?"

She replied while frantically moving about, pointing in the direction that most likely would end in my demise. Why would I listen to some stranger to go towards an area where there seemed to be danger!?

"Check my chickens," she screamed. "Check if they're dead!"

Now I'm like what the fuck is happening and why is it happening to me?!

"Okie dokie."

So sure enough I had about thirty yards away from the house where it looked like an ambush was set, an ambush that decimated the village of chickens. It was like Jason Bourne of the animal world came in and cleaned house. It looked like the scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman just murdered people left and right leaving blood everywhere.

Why would she send me to see this? What kind of sick fucker would send a stranger to look at their dead animals?

I simply returned towards the house with a "wtf" look on my face and said, "They're all dead, there wasn't any survivors."

Her face said it all. She knew the answer, felt the deaths through the force and just knew the chickens were gone, dead in one world, born in another as Raptors flying through space destroying planets of humans and eating them, you know, the dream of all two legged creatures that go cluck cluck.

"I knew it."

If you fucking knew it why would you send me into that murder hole?!

Her dreams of having a free world, where Chickens could walk among us were dashed. Some fox or wild Ronin Chicken came and beheaded most of the village, almost as a message to the human owner. Maybe it was a gang War gone wrong, maybe one of the chickens got up in something big and paid for it with his life as well as any witnesses that were around.

Maybe one day the chicken serial killer will come around again and get caught....maybe the Chicken Lady owner still stares towards where her Chicken land family was once living in harmony before death came for them all.

I still think about Chicken lady. I still debate why she sent me to investigate the murders of her chickens.

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