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Stellaris: The Fallen

I stand before you a broken man, a man who believed everything I was doing was right for the human race. Every ounce of blood and sweat to create a better galaxy was my goal. Expansion to the outer reaches of space, to expand far beyond our borders and to become peaceful to our universal brothers and sisters, I tried for so long to be the human leader that the human populace needed, the one they deserved. We only defend, we never attack, we have been peaceful and have played nice with the galaxy for a very long time, even after the first contact by alien species.

Now years later on this darkest of nights, I lay awake hearing the news that our beloved Commander and Chief has died in the Defense Of Zenon. He won multiple elections to be our leader as his style for the dramatic speeches was well known, and even in defeat, he didn't relax, he tried to build Zenon up further, putting the race of people above his own. Now we will lay him to rest in a cemetery of heroes.

Wars....we were attacked years ago by a mysterious alien race and thought life as we knew it was over, but we endured, even with the catastrophic losses our military took against a more advanced foe, we never looked back, we stood our ground, we researched and worked tirelessly till our technology could face the nightmares of outer space. This, this was different, you could feel it in the air, as our Leader, our Commander Mike Stone yelled in defiance as a religious Alien race called the Finu Protectors screamed angrily that the humans needed to abandon the Carovan System, most specifically Carovan Prime which was about to be colonized. It was too close to Emperor Hmaalurd's system and immediately he brought his forces along with his allies to a staging point on the border of one of my systems, in which we began defensive measures to counteract the threat. Our government even went out to try to bring a last ditch alliance of other alien races into this battle, a battle for survival.

Stone declared a state of emergency as war was declared on all Zenon Independent systems, the Stagnant Ascendancy had come for Carovan, the small fleet didn't have a chance to escape. Multiple cruisers and destroyers didn't stand a chance for the enemy had some kind of Super Destroyer with a super laser that decimated hundreds of people and dozens of ships within seconds. My plan was to keep them busy and send a small task force behind enemy lines to attack their home world, to give them just a taste of pain that we would suffer through if the war was long. We stood no chance. Everything was destroyed, life was taken in a blink of an eye.

"We will not take threats from you Hmaalurd, you are not our Emperor, and you will never will be. Take your insults and threats some place else, we will not leave, and we will not stand for potential acts of war!" Those words echoed though the Empire of Humans and those same words brought the devil down upon us. Two fleets came through the Zenon capital system out of nowhere destroying countless of our ships that were meant to protect our home, thousands died in a battle that was more like an adult fighting a child, there wasn't much of a contest. We didn't stand a chance.

Life would never be the same after this I suppose. You always hear of the battles that happened and the wars from yesteryear, but on this day, the fight came home. The Explosions and pure chaos that reigned down from the sky was biblical, families lost, friends died in each others arms, buildings that stood for hundreds of years laid to waste as the so called Religious Nomads fired hell upon our human world, a world that stood for peace and the defense of that peace for so long, now it was being attacked and decimated. Hundreds of Thousands of civilians died in the bombardments in the first few days, then the attack game as drop ships and landing craft fell from the sky in droves, landing all about with only one mission, to destroy all the humans until they felt they were satisfied. It was total war, an embarrassment to the rest of the universe the fact the Empire of Zenon fell in then a month.

Our soldiers, Shadow Company and Death's Commando's fought valiantly in defense of our capital and the heroes that perished within that fighting will always be remembered, others that died during this raid of destruction was our commander, our leader, the Empires heart, Stone. While the fighting went on for five days a last ditch effort to save the human race from this mass genocide was a begging for peace, which they happily obliged , quickly they stopped the assault on Zenon and just as fast as they came into the system attacking anything human, they were gone.

Now...we bury our dead. Our emotions run deep with anger, an anger that needs to be restrained...until we can unleash a hell that the Finu Protectors have never seen.

"We will break them physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will not stop, we will destroy our enemies whether its face to face or in the shadows. Mark my words, Emperor Hmaalurd will pay for the atrocities of his actions of war of no cause. He will die and his people will suffer the wrath of us all," Hunter Stone yelled in a private closed door meeting with some of the most powerful of Zenon's systems as tears fell down his face in remembrance of his former rival and now dead leader.

Peace is an illusion. War is inevitable. The religious so called Holy Guardians will pay for what they did. Long live the new Commander of Zenon, Hunter Stone.

"War is coming...patience is needed, but we will look down upon the Finu Protectors cold dead eyes one day, that's a promise."

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