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State of the Knicks

Yes, my New York Knickerbockers are 1-2, but I've seen plenty of improvement from last year already. I've also seen plenty of things to be happy about.

After losing to the Boston Celtics last night, a preseason favorite to reach the finals, I gotta say I'm impressed with this young team. We lost two games this season by one basket each. Even when we were down, we fight back into the game.

I was really skeptical of having Enes Kanter back, I was hoping he would opt out and give us a lot more cap space to play with. But now, I cant see how this team functions without him. Three games in a row with a double-double. 17 points with 15 rebounds? I'll take that every night if he can produce with those numbers.

Tim Hardaway Jr is quickly becoming my favorite Knick. He plays hard and can quickly go into a scoring frenzy, hence last night hitting big shot after big shot in the fourth quarter to get his team back into the game.

I'm still not sold on Trey Burke yet, although I've heard people somewhat happy that we have him, I'm just not sure yet. He did score eleven points on 5 of 12 shots and had nine assists, which is a good thing. I really wish he could get the defensive side of the ball down and maybe score a little more.

Allonzo Trier, my new favorite undrafted rookie is just a pure scorer. I wish they would toss him in more earlier, but I'm not sure how he will hold up on the defensive side. He scored fifteen points in twenty five minutes of playing time against Boston last night.

I really wish that Lance Thomas and Frank Ntilikina could do the dragon ball Z fusion dance and converge into a decent player. I mean they are ok, but they aren't scorers. They combined for eleven points and five rebounds last night.

All in all we did well last night despite the loss. Although our first round pick Knox went down early, who knows when he will he back, we just gotta push forward and get ready for The Milwaukee Bucs on Monday.

Side note: They should really start Trier and see what he can do scoring wise earlier on, maybe get ourselves in a better position to take a lead.

All well, is what it is. Knicks are 1-2, with two losses in winnable games, that's all you can ask for.

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