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State of Decay 2: Blood on my hands

If you're sitting there reading this, know this, I didn't want to do this. I did not want to follow some path of chaos and evil. I truly wanted to live in peace and bring these zombies down together with all humans. But that's not the cards I was dealt in life.

As I sit here, wondering what could of been, I feel for those that past on tonight with a heavy heart. They could of had great lives full of happiness and survived to the end. But my sons had a different agenda tonight. They wanted to erase potential threats without hesitation.

As multiple people among my community got a chance to go out in the world and do their thing, Louis got up out of bed and decided to go out on a run with the bandits I call sons. He didn't look happy when he left HQ and he took extra bullets.


As we rode up to the small mini mart in the middle of the night, with the cars lights shooting its blinding light through the glass, the three that looked outside at us had to have the terrible feeling in their guts. Although Louis hesitated, my sons continued to push. "They are threats and are moving closer to your community!" "Do it, they will kill your people!" "They'll never join you,they'll just grow stronger and kill you." "They hate you!" The voice in my head, Louise's head, grew louder and louder with the sweet sound of "They make sense....maybe this is the only way."

As Louis threatened them inside their own home, my kids told me to get outside now. Why? Because they were setting up for a Mob like hit on these three guys. Three guys with great stats that I could of used. Three guys who sealed their Fates the moment they moved into this store, they were destined to die.

Shots fired.....


As these three strangers opened fire and angrily tried to get us to go away, I heard a laugh, a maniacal laugh. A laugh that proved I was surrounded by psychos who lost all sense of reality on this new apocalyptic world. The laugh came as he threw a bomb inside the building with exploded in flame that covered inside like a blanket of death. As this was happening we all fired inside, one made it out and was immediately shot in the head. The stranger dropped immediately, dead. No more suffering for these people, minus the man who burned to death.

Fucking Louis then stole their loot, which included multiple guns. But this deranged individual named Louis took it upon himself to bring his community into being aggressive towards strangers, potential allies. But my group won't know what Louis did tonight. No, the exploits of Louis will not be talked about. The blood on the hands of Louis is on him and him alone.


I won't be sending Louis out on the road with me kids anymore, he's to susceptible of doing horrible shit when he's out and about with them.

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Was Louis and company right in killing those people?

  • 0%Hell yes

  • 0%No, you murdering bastard!

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