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State of Decay 2

I don't like horror games, but I do like strategy video games, and that's where State of Decay comes in. I like the potential of building my own world with characters that live and die depending on choices I make. That said, my first dive into this apocalyptic tale of people in the world of zombie infestation and evil was with three of my sons, sons who have experience, and sons who also did most of the work to start me off into this world of death and endless chaotic turmoil.

As you play and build your characters attributes and abilities up, you'll come across other survivors who you need to begin relationships with and or don't, it's up to you. Currently I have way to many people in my group with me eyeing two more up for the future. I also need to vote for a leader. That's where I'm at and unfortunately the only person close to being the leader reminds me of Negan. Fuck.

Having my three sons help out worked in my favor obviously. I have like five vehicles fully fueled, a base that has great positioning and space for more allies, and several characters that can help out within our small community.

A radio message was sent out about a group of soldiers, but I don't trust them already. I also I don't trust my son Peyton, he often told me to kill the innocent groups of people because he's bored and wants action, that sick son of a bitch. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on him.

As far as the game, it's entertaining, has that horror aspect I'm not fond of, but it's fun. I love the fact that if these characters die, that's it, they are the Walking Dead, which as a player makes the game a wonderful experience, because building a character up and liking them will sting if they fall to the zombies.

The game style is ok. I need to get used to the whole mouse thing along with the keyboard, but I'll get it.

All in all it's a good time, especially when playing with others, chatting away on discord while scrounging out materials and food to keep your people from dying. I have a feeling my group will get smaller as the days go though, even if I'm being extremely careful with everyone.

So that's that, it's a fun entertaining good time, especially when with family and friends.

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