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Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Disney Plus hit a home run with Tales of the Jedi in its first season which has only six episodes, each having a short run time, which makes the awesomeness that happens within the show feel like nothing. I could literally just watch one hundred episodes this way. The quick series brings out some key moments of the Star Wars universe, most particularly the prequel trilogy, where we see things we hear about or maybe assume happened on the screen finally. Each episode packs a entertaining punch that you wish doesn't end, with great storytelling, amazing visuals, and filling out itself with awesome arcs of several key characters.

So lets rank these bad ass episodes!

Rank 6

Episode 1: Life or Death

Grade: 83 B

Baby Ahsoka Tano is shown adorably doing some baby things, her mom due to customs of her village or people brings her baby of one years old on a hunt which gets bad quickly. The hunter quickly became the hunter in this episode, and a Sabertooth looking giant cat grabbed Ahsoka and took off. It wasn't long before Ahsoka uses her natural gift of the force in order to return home. It was cute and a very sweet episode.

Rank 5

Episode 2: Justice

Grade 87 B

This episode was intriguing as hell as we get a young Qui-Gon Jinn with his master Count Dooku on a mission to settle a dispute on a planet and get the Senators son back who was kidnapped. We get a small glimpse into the mindset of a senator and how they believe they are above the people they were sworn to protect and help. Dooku quickly takes the side of the people who are being screwed over and defends them against the Senator and his troops. It was fun to see Dooku clearly begin to become unhinged to the fact of the government not doing what they are supposed to do and are indeed corrupt.

Rank 4

Episode 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Grade 89 B

Ahsoka is training and some jedi who watch her are impressed, well, Anakin Skywalker isn't, he realizes the Jedi training is pretty much bullshit and is too easy for his apprentice so he tells her that she needs to have better tests, so he creates one, one with the 501st clones would surround her and shoot at her, setting their blasters to stun, he's trying to create a chaotic real fight where she needs to be faster and more aware to protect herself. Anytime Ahsoka and Anakin are together is awesome, but the ending was like stabbing your heart once again. Excellent episode.

Ranking 3

Episode 3: Choices

Grade 90 A

A Dooku and Mace Windu mission! It's a super team! They are sent to a planet to retrieve the body of a slain Jedi master, Mace is a by the book type of Jedi Master, Dooku is definitely not. Dooku wants answers and the set of events that follows is Dooku and Mace's disagreement of the Jedi Council mission, as Dooku doesn't want to wait for answers, he wants them now. Its a fun episode that shows another reason why Dooku, who probably should of been named to the council is passed over, those fuckers never learn.

Ranking 2

Episode 7: Resolve

Grade 92 A

As most Jedi have done, Ahsoka goes into hiding after the Clone Wars trying to pick up work and remain unseen by the new Empire, just trying to live life after the Jedi has fallen and I can't blame her, but it never seems to work out. At some point she is forced to use the force to save someone and that pushes a person who loves the Empire to get a call out, typical not understanding civilian making dumb decisions which brings a Inquisitor onto the planet to take the Jedi out....I yelled at the TV and said, "Ahsoka is about to fuck you up!" I was right. It was awesome. Some villain thought he was the main character and he was shown that he isn't shit. Loved it.

Ranking 1

Episode: The Sith Lord

Grade 95 A

This was the best episode. Not only did it have the most impact of any of the episodes, the arc is just awesome. Dooku has a lot of ups and downs and in this episode you finally get some clear vision of what he has become. He clearly loves his former student and doesn't want anything to happen to him and is kind of pissed when the Jedi council just shrugs off the notion of a Sith lord being alive and present somewhere in the galaxy. Once Qui Gon Jinn perishes, he immediately heads to confront Darth Sidious, what he doesn't realize is Master Yaddle follows him, hears both Palpatine and Dooku conspiring and confronts them. Palpatine plays head games with Dooku telling him one thing, Master Yaddle says the opposite, its like a tug of war between darkness and light, until the darkness pulls him so deep that he will never be able to get out again. The fight was awesome and the ending solidified Dooku into the darkness.

I loved how Dooku was not happy about Qui Gon being killed and that Palpatine was like, "well, you lost an apprentice and I lost one, all well..."

The series is pretty awesome and easy to binge watch. I highly recommend it if you're a Star Wars fan, but make no mistake this first season Dooku and Ahsoka are the star players and rightfully so.

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