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Star Wars: Rebellion

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Nostalgia!!! Yummy pure Nostalgia that makes you smile on the inside. Steam = Mindless hours in front of the pc and instead of working out or writing, the Star Wars God came to me and said, " Game play you will, cheap it is, pay and play now you can." Yeah, it was weird, this green frog talked to me and told me to get it. What is Rebellion!? How dare you speak ridiculous blasphemous questions! Next time you even think such a silly question you'll be thrown in the Chokey!

Ok. I'll be calm and explain what kind of amazing addicting game this is. It's the kind of game you get lost in for hours, days, months, possibly years. You may start the game and in about two hours you finally quit and go about your business, but you realize those weren't two hours you spent in the Star wars universe, it was two years!

This bundle of joy is a real time strategy game that gives you full reign as either the Empire or Rebellion taking place just after the Deathstar being destroyed near Yavin. The objective is to take down The leader of the Rebellion and destroy the rebels base or Take Coruscant, the Imperial capital, and or take down the Emperor. Both objectives aren't easy and both take a considerable amount of resources and time. Strategy is the key to this game, since the universe is huge, you have to use your head and try to sway systems to your cause without using force, because sometimes using force pushes that system to the other side, which means you can't build anything and it pretty much sets yourself up for failure.

As of now, Ive been using people with a high diplomacy rating to pull planets into the Empires ever growing might. So far so good, two sectors are entirely Imperial, but with power, comes great responsibility, because now I have like forty planets to protect, which have tons of resources. It's kind of stressful knowing I won't be able to protect every planet. It's the problem I face now, as the rebels continue hit and run attacks which is extremely frustrating. I've lost two planets as I write this to Rebel invasions because of the lack of troops and space defense, but it's ok, I'm playing the long game. As the Rebels run around attacking and making their presence known near my capital, I'm currently close to having four shipyards being created which would turn the tide in the system, allowing me to quickly make ships to extract payback for all these inconvenient punches to the gut they've been giving me.

So the whole point of this is to build your forces, have planets join your cause, recruit, maintain defensive units to protect your assets and finally go on the offensive to take down which ever side your not on. Sounds simple, yet it's time consuming and more strategic than that. You need to stay ahead of your enemy. I know the logical thing to do is just head to Yavin and decimate whatever is there, but if you head there straight away it'll take forever to get to, leaving you vulnerable, and it isn't a given that they'll even be there when you arrive, since the Rebel base can move wherever it needs to. It's better to play the long game and fortify positions, to build your fleet, then to make a move to decimate the smaller less guarded planets in hit and run tactics, much like the rebels do.

My last game the Rebels went on a major offensive and started taking planets around Coruscant around day 400, but what the rebels didn't understand was I allowed them to take all those planets, not only that, I allowed them to take Coruscant. Why? Why you ask?! Because what they didn't know is I had a major fleet being built secretly in the outer Rim, ner Nal Hutta, led by Admiral Daala, who was ready to just decimate all fleets who opposed her. My other giant fleet was only 30 days away from Coruscant, led by Vader, who stayed aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Yavins Revenge'. I had both fleets meet up to join forces on an allied planet and sent them on their way to the Imperial Capital, with not one care if I took the planet, my mission is to decimate all Space forces to the point where the Rebels couldn't attack me any time in the foreseeable future. Admiral Daala and Vader would be my sword against these Rebel filth, and I will eradicate each and every one of them!!

Ok...I'm calm now. But that's the game, a chess like strategy game that makes you think twice about what your doing, it also makes you think what your opponent is doing.

As for characters in the game, there's a lot, but you need to recruit for them. I suggest you recruit hard asap with Vader and Palpatine in the beginning, guys like Thrawn are needed in the war, not only to lead, but to develop more ships and soldier types. It's better to go into battle with TIE interceptors and bombers than the standard TIE, which I use basically as a coast guard like defense for planets. In my opinion you should avoid building the Deathstar, sure killing billions on a planet is fun, but they take massive amount of resources and take forever to build, they are also easy as hell to defeat without a Deathstar shield on the planet below, so it's basically a sitting duck.

If you like strategy games or love Star Wars, this game might be for you, and it's only 7 bucks on Steam right now. Who doesn't want to play a game where you can assassinate high leveled Rebellion characters or destroy entire planets? Who wouldn't want to diplomatically change the war landscape in the Galaxy or bombard Enemy strongholds? I sure do! Not gonna lie, the game is stressful. I never know when my enemies will strike and when they do, I'm always unprepared and overwhelmed with a force bigger than my own. It's why the star fighters are so important, if you have countless fighters flying about like gnats it's hard for the enemy to break through that. Having countless TIES could also take down capital ships if it came down to it.

Bottom line this game is fun and extremely addicting, it'll steal hours away from you once you start. Building your forces is fun and challenging, especially once day 300 comes into play, by then your enemy gets aggressive and begins attacking, basically getting a little confident in the way things are progressing. I remember when I used to play back when it first came out, I would rename all the ships from the original Thrawn series (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rises, and The Last Command) by Timothy Zahn, which I highly recommend.

The best part of this game is taking control of the fleets during battle, from attacking squadrons, or going all out on the main Rebel capital ship, to defending your lead ship with a cloud of star fighters, it's engaging and absolutely fantastic fun! Rating wise I'd give this masterpiece a 4.7 out of 5....I really wish they had an upgrade for this game, with clone wars material, that would turn this amazing game into an absolute epic. I still gotta look into Mods, which I believe are out there, so crossing my fingers some good material is there to download! So have you played Rebellion? Did you like it, hate it, or maybe just forgot about it? Let us know in the comments below! #Starwars #Rebellion #PCGaming #Steam #Jedi #Sith

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