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Star wars poster leak

With the new poster potentially leaked what can we see that we will get later this winter, for those fans who aren't fully done with the franchise, much like a on and off again relationship, we tend to jump right back in knowing we will most likely be hurt in the end.

So what are we getting in JJ Abrams final 'Skywalker' film? Which to me is pretty nonsensical, all nine movies were potentially about the Skywalkers and now it doesn't matter? Really weird.

So we can see on the bottom of the poster, the new red stormtroopers which are not the Royal Guard. Maybe their elite soldiers, maybe they are another faction of the First Order that doesnt give a shit about Kylo and his shenanigans. Possibly, they are part of the units assigned to the Knights of Ren that (rumor) went into the unknown regions of space.

What about those fighters!? X-Wings, Old ass Y-Wings, and those quick little bastard A-Wings! Are we gonna get a space battle like return of the jedi or rogue one? I sure hope so, since it's called star wars, you would figure space battles might very well be a part of that.

The Knights of Ren are here! It only took three movies. Will they be bad ass? Or will they be given to Rey, who will dispose of them easily and make this trilogy even more of a shit show that it is? Not much is known of them and I'm hoping we see how powerful these people are in this final movie.

Why does C-3PO have Cheewies bowcaster? Does Chewbacca die?! Most likely all the old characters die, it would be fitting if the old golden pain the ass went down fighting, sacrificing himself for the good of the resistance.

A picture is seen near Finn that looks like some sort of slug, dude looks like the alien from The 1986 movie the Explorers.

So their are tons of rumors of what the movie is gonna be about and we wont really have a clue until the trailer drops, so as we wait for that we twiddle our thumbs and cross our fingers, hoping much like Princess Leia did in a new hope, hoping to not be disappointed and for someone to save us from that lack luster trilogy we have thus far.


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