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Star wars- Bad Batch: Aftermath

Aftermath is about The Bad Batch, a crazy group of Clone troopers that have special skills. They're basically the Expendables. As the Clone wars comes to a close the Bad Batch unit is helping a small unit of Clones with their Jedi commanders, as they are bogged down and under duress by multiple tanks and a multitude of droids. The Bad batch batch comes in like a tornado and just hammers the shit out of the enemy.

All the fun ends soon enough as Palpatines message of order 66 begins to come through and sure enough the Jedi General is surrounded by the regular clones and fired upon. She lasts long enough to tell her padawan to run, who just so happens to be Caleb, aka Kanan from Rebels.

The episode has the small group of five confused on what was happening, since only one of the group is partially under control with the inhibitor chip in their skull, the chip that makes the clones follow Palpatines order 66, the order to kill all traitor jedi. As his master dies, Caleb runs away, even after the leader of the Batch, Hunter, tries to stop him. I guess it's pretty hard to believe the dude since his own partner crosshair was trying to kill the kid at every turn.

It's a pretty decent start to the series. It sets you up to where the galaxy is and how much of a pain in the ass it will be for this team. It also sets up the main villain as their own teammate, Crosshair, who isn't in control of himself at the moment. It puts the team in a weird situation, because they dont want to hurt their friend, but they dont want to die, so what do they do if it gets to that point? It also brings in a new character to the group, a female human named Omega, who is drawn to the Bad Batch and helps them escape. Who is she? Not sure yet, but as the episodes move along I'm positive we'll get her backstory.

It was a fun episode with some stressful moments for the characters. Order 66 is upon the galaxy and the Bad Batch are just living in it, unaware of what the hell is happening. It also shows how brutal Tarkin is after he wanted to see if the five man team could take orders, they were sent to murder kids and a few members of the rebellion that was about to begin, including Saw Gerrera.

All in all, the long pilot episode gets a A from me, 4.5 Deathstars out of 5.

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