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Stallaris: Mission Log

Zenon. A planet full of hope and ideas. A place where humans triumphantly work together to bring forth a world of peace. Humans together in harmony.....

That's how my people started. That was my mindset, explore the stars and learn what's beyond our solar system. We've done that and more. We created much since we started and our science division has learned much of our universe, but even that is minimal. We've learned we aren't the first ones, that a great galactic alliance made its home near our system, an alliance of multiple aliens. We've learned from our mysterious black gate at the edge of our system that hasn't worked for thousands of years, that the gate is like a doorway, and it's open on the other side.

We've learned through catastrophic situations that the gate indeed works as it sucked in one of our top scientists ships while working on it. We've lost very good people that day. Our science division was then surprised that months later the gate opened again and shot out the same ship months later, yet the ship was dated to be thousands of years old. All hands were lost. We will always remember their sacrifice.

We've also learned shockingly that aliens do exist. That same gate opened up and shot out a hostile ship. One singular ship that seemed to be heading right towards our capital. Immediately our ZDF (Zenon Defense Force) headed towards the threat as our Admiral didn't hesitate to destroy the ship with her small fleet. This moment put me on edge. Why did that ship come into my system? Why was it hostile? What was its mission? Why one ship? What alien species was this and where did they come from? These questions also put my people I'm panic mode as this was first contact and it was a hostile one. This pushed me into expansion mode, pushing more of my people to study the surrounding areas and expanding with my empire.

Political turmoil caused me to make changes on the capital, as my governor willingly took bribes and was very corrupt. Crime was high on Zenon and changes needed to be made before it got worse. I appointed Hunter Stone as governor. He did an amazing job for years as crime dwindled down, jobs went up, and stock in food and materials went skyrocketing. But it took its toll on him, especially with the elections for leader of our people. The Commander of the Zenonian people was Mike Stone, but Hunter was elected after a superb job on Zenon. Even the expansion, leading into new systems was under Hunter. But two elections brought him into a very stressful life. One election brought a new faction to the table, under Mike Stone, the people are splitting their allegiances, but most want to follow Hunter. On the outskirts though, the other planets, the faction is gaining traction. I just hope it doesn't cause a split for our people. That's the last thing we need, political factions bickering and fighting. As we explore other systems and map out surrounding areas, we came close to another people. As my Empire grows so does my awareness that other beings are out there in the universe, and that they too may be hostile. And as they first contact between our people wasn't ideal, as they threatened us if we destroyed or touched any of their religious worlds, which is understandable. From what I gather, these beings have great intelligence, superior weaponry, I'm assuming anyway. They have chosen solitude from the rest of the universe and protect their borders. I'm one system away from them, so any border disputes have not gotten in our way as of yet. I actually trust these Aliens, they reached out to me and warned me, they could of just stayed hidden and attacked when I got closer. I will reach out and try to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Always Remember:

The black gate opened up and out came multiple ships of unknown origins, but again the were hostile and their ships were recognized as one of the ships that came through years before. Was this an invasion? Was their comrades ship a recon vessel? Questions quickly shot into my head, with no time to think, I sent two small fleets to deal with this potential attack as my people would look on and hear the stories for generations to come. Arrogance. That's what my people have, to have that much Arrogance to believe we were superior to what ever species this was would hurt us badly.

My rapid defense force and ZDF quickly made their way to the alien ships, my confidence was high.

"Engage! All ships fire!" Eleven ships fired in unison....then it happened. The alien ships were faster, more agile, and weaponry we never thought possible was used. Our fleet dwindled in numbers as these fast attack vessels ran around our slow easy targeted ships. They shot some sort of Portal weapon that shot ships into another system unable to return to the fight. Several were sliced upon like a can of tuna, leaving my fellow humans sucked into the vacuum of space. Other ships exploded into a giant ball of flame, killing its occupants quickly. This happened until there was no fleet left to fight. I stood shocked and desperate. This enemy fleet then headed to knock out my Space port, where all my ships were being built. They fought for days and then just left. They headed for a neighboring system and just waited.

Operation Hammerfist became priority in life at this point. To push technology in order to defend our system and destroy our enemies. The Mason-class missle boats were mass produced, they were faster and had more fire power than our current ships. The Enforer and Hunter Class ships were also built quickly, giving them better lasers and faster engines to combat the aliens we faced. The ZDFs mission was simple, to train, to build a massive fleet to respond to the threat that lay at our feet, and to destroy those who decimated our people. This mission was not only about taking out a threat but taking that system for its resources.

Twenty one ships entered the system under the command of Admiral Kia as she wanted payback for what she went through during the first attack. Once my fleet entered the system, the enemy responded and headed towards my People. Like I did to them, the underestimated the resilience and fortitude of Zenon. They didn't understand nor care that they were outgunned, these creatures believed they'd win, they were wrong. Admiral Kias ships fought with ferociously and without mercy, decimating the alien scum with no hesitation, leaving destruction of alien ships in all directions. Admiral Kia, hero of Zenon can now come home with her head held high. The 82 year old carrer military women will always be remembered, statues shall be made of her, and her name will forever be in our history books.

We must tightly guard that black gate from now on, I'm sure more enemies from beyond the gate will appear.

Mission Log over,

Supreme Commander Mike Stone.


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