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Sports thoughts of the day

Jim Fassel has died at 71 years old. As a former New York Giants head coach he was 58-53-1 and went to the playoffs three times. My most memorable Fassel moment was in the 2000 playoffs where they absolutely destroyed the Minnesota Vikings who were the favorites if I remember correctly. They eventually lost against the Baltimore Ravens with Ray Lewis and company.

Jim Fassel's last season actually helped the Giants draft/trade for Eli Manning which turned into two superbowls. So technically, despite having an abysmal last season in NY, he slightly had a hand in the Giants winning two superbowls...technically speaking. RIP Fassel!!

Brooklyn in the house!

It's not even fair at this point. The Nets look like they're playing a video game on rookie mode. They are making the Milwaukee Bucs look silly, like they dont belong on the same court as the Nets. Like I said, the Nets, even with just two of their stars will dominate and win the title this season. It wont be close unless significant injuries happen. I really wish there wasnt any super teams anymore, but this is what we got now.


Experts predicted a Yankees AL East title....and that doesnt look to good right now. They cant hit at all and for once there pitching is pretty good this year. Injuries are a problem again, but there batting woes are really a mystery. I thought they'd be good enough to win the world series this year, but they might not even be good enough to get in the playoffs now, which is incredibly disappointing.


Tom Thibodeau is the coach of the year baby! Well deserved considering the insane amount of terrible seasons the Knicks have had. Now the Vegas odds are that if there is a trade to be had with the Blazers for point guard Damian Lillard, the Knicks are the favorite! Let's go baby! As long as they don't get rid of half their roster and or a significant amount of draft picks that decimates this team in the future, I'm all for it.

Blake Griffen

The dude hadn't dunked in like three years, he was a shell of himself playing uninspired basketball until the Nets picked him up and hes Been playing with a chip on his shoulder. Good for him. Glad hes finally healthy and playing tough NBA basketball. Sometimes change is a good thing and hes proven it.

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