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SpiderMan No Way Home Review Spoiler Free

OMG OMG OMG… Ok, settle down. How do you write about something when everything you want to write about is a spoiler?

I’ll sum up No Way Home with one sentence...

Yes Kevin Feige you did it! No Way Home successfully delivered on monumental expectations. Did Marvel go anywhere? No. Yet somehow I want to declare, Marvel is back! Through all the 2020 and 2021 content this is the one we were all waiting for. There is so much to love about this movie. Will there be some nit picky things to pull apart? Sure, you can find something wrong with anything. As the conclusion to the “Home” trilogy, No Way Home was a homerun.

The atmosphere of the sold out auditorium was the most electric I’ve been in since Avengers Endgame. Fans in every seat erupted with cheers for villains and heroes alike, lost in the bliss of Marvel at its best. Conversely, pin drop silence would hit the room like a wave. We were fully dialed into this movie, vested in every scene, emotions roller coasting through the highs and the lows.

The scale of the story is smaller than I expected it to be. Factoring out the multiverse element of course. The more personal, closer to home, feel is a welcome change of pace in my opinion. Not every story told needs to be a world or universe ending scenario. The multiversal guests are everything I wanted them to be. Even the lesser anticipated returns like the Lizard and Sandman shined. The group as a whole really worked well together. Perfect chemistry throughout the entire cast. Where this cinematic journey ends brilliantly closes this chapter of Peter Parker’s journey up to this point and leaves you salivating for more. There is no doubt that Tom Holland is and will continue to be Marvel’s biggest draw in the aftermath of Downey and Evans retirements and the tragic passing of Boseman. Disney and Sony are wise to extend their sharing is caring deal to keep the money rolling in. We’re no strangers to what Holland can do on screen. He can switch from light hearted goofy teen to tear jerking heartstring tugging. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

And the fun doesn’t stop at the conclusion of No Way Home. I had four major gasp moments. Two of them took place after the credits started rolling. You want to stay in your seats for these. You get a mid credit scene that will shape the future of our web slinger. My impatient ass hopes it will be the next Spiderman film because what is about to happen can’t get here soon enough. Then… in lieu of a post credit scene Marvel decides to go all Oprah on us and drop in a full Multiverse of Madness Trailer!!! And fuck a doodle doo it looks Insane. My hype level for MoM is officially through the roof.

The No Way Home extravaganza is without a doubt an experience I highly recommend. If you are able to, get to your local theater to immerse yourself in this on the big screen before spoilers spoil it for you. Is it the best Spiderman movie ever made? Well it is certainly in the conversation. The spiderman movies across the different iterations are very different so it really depends on what is closest to your heart. I will say I think this is the most impactful Spiderman movie ever made. This one just hits different in my opinion. The fact that we are essentially getting two Tom Holland trilogies allows for the events of No Way Home to conclude in such a fashion. I give No Way Home 4.5 Thwips out of 5 Thwips. It is an all around great movie. From start to finish you really feel every emotion you want from a great story. As I come down off this spider high I may reflect a little deeper on this conclusion to the Home trilogy, but for now I’ll say they really did it right.

Have you watched No Way Home Yet? What are your thoughts? Is it the best Spiderman Movie ever made? Sign up or log in and leave a comment below!

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