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SpiderMan No Way Home: 4 Major Gasp Moments! Spoilers Inside!

Game changing moments were peppered in throughout the incredible conclusion of the SpiderMan Home trilogy. Here I’ll cover the moments I literally and quite audibly gasped in my fully reclined synthetic leather seat. Speaking of… let’s declare this right now. Dolby auditoriums are superior to all other compeditors. I said what I said.

Spoiler Warning! This is going to contain spoilers for SpiderMan No Way Home! This is your final warning to stop scrolling if you have not yet seen SpiderMan No Way Home!

My four major gasp moments from Spiderman No Way Home

1. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is here! As soon as the trailers dropped showing Peter in a legal jam the rumors began flying. Who is going to be Parker’s lawyer? Number one on the fan wish list? I don’t even need to say it, we all know who it is. Early in the movie, inside of Aunt May’s apartment, as they are in the midst of legal uncertainty deep in discussion out of nowhere !Cane Drop! I have never gasped so loudly watching a movie in my life. It was at that moment I knew Murdock was here! Feige you son of a B! And wow did the theater erupt. Charlie Cox has become just as much a hero as DareDevil himself. His demeanor was notably lighter than his days on Netflix but his presence in the MCU is welcomed by all with open arms. I would have loved to have gotten more of him but I realize he would have taken some of the focus off of Tom Tobey and Andrew so I am not surprised his appearance was relegated to such a small moment.

2. With great power… Wow. Round of applause for Feige, Sony, Watts, and whoever else was involved for playing the long game. Similarly, we waited four Avenger movies to get Caps iconic “Avengers Assemble”. Even waiting an extra movie for "Avengers Assemble" it was executed better in No Way Home. Maybe because it didn’t happen in Civil War or Homecoming we just kind of moved on from it. After all, we never met Ben Parker anyway. It is kind of funny how mere words can

carry so much weight. Enough to rile up an entire sold out auditorium. In a twist that I truly appreciate after Peter and Aunt May scuffle with Green Gobby, Aunt May, in semi-moderate physical distress, Pep talks Peter. And she finishes with one of the most iconic lines ever bestowed onto Marvel. "With Great Power"… It was at this moment I gasped. Aunt May is doing Ben Parker! Eyes wide. Mouth open. Full of life… "Comes Great Responsibility." The room erupted with wild jubilation! In almost real time my ear to ear grin quickly turned to jaw dropping panic as I realized what was about to unfold. Aunt May is doing Ben Parker… As she fell to the ground, my heart followed.

The once roaring crowd abruptly fell into a dead silence. We were all one beating heart in that moment as we watched Peter for the first time lose his Aunt May. Her loss was absolutely devastating and potentially the most emotional scene Marvel has ever put on screen. Just look at the aftermath. You don't need anyone to tell you shit just got real.


Honorable Mention: The return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire obviously needs to be included in this post. It will forever go down as one of the most legendary role reprisals in the history of cinema. As I’ve said in past No Way Home related posts, no one even thought this was possible. A truly remarkable collaboration between Sony and Disney in addition to the willingness of Garfield and McGuire to don the red and blue one more time. When it comes to fan service this will be a tall order to ever try to replicate. Maybe one day, fifteen years from now, if they can get Evans or Downey to make a cameo somehow. So why are they only on here as honorable mentions then? Well leading up to the movie I was 90 percent sure they were crashing the spider party. It wasn’t really a question of if they were showing up, it was when are they showing up. So technically I didn’t gasp in shock. Cheer? Yes. Gasp? No. Did I say "Holy fucking shit" when Tobey casually walked through a portal into Ned's Mom's kitchen? Maybe… I don’t think we will ever get something like this again. While on screen together this group was gold. Perfect banter and chemistry as if they were destined to bring this crossover to life.

Honorable Mention 2: This one got a minor gasp out of me. The new classic SpiderMan suit! I could not find a good photo of it online so I guess it is still too soon. It looked amazing! No more Stark tech… no more suit lady… no more Eidith. Just SpiderMan! I am very excited to see Marvel’s future for our favorite wall slinging, web crawling super hero!

Jumping to the mid credit scene.

3. Spiderman 3 redo?? Here we pick up where the Venom Let there be Carnage post credit scene leaves off. Eddie and Venom, still in some tropical location, is boozing it up at a resort bar trying to catch up on all things MCU. This is happening simultaneously to the conclusion to the battle between Spider three vs the Sinister five. As Eddie and venom get Dr Stranges boot out of the MCU he declares, “We just got here!” Yeah, I agree... where are you going with this? Then the camera pans down to see… Gasp! A small pile of symbiote left behind in the MCU!! OMFG Yes please correct the sins of our past aka Spiderman 3!! We know this little snot pile is heading right to NYC baby! On a mission to find a high rolling, finger gunning, hip thrusting Tom Holland waiting for him. Now I admit I am still a little confused because if we are getting black suit Spiderman and eventually Venom, it has to be Tom Hardy right? He’s a good venom and while he isn’t the classic Eddie Brock seeing him and Holland go toe to toe would be dynomite. I’m sure Feige will figure it out. If the goal was to just get the symbiote in the MCU and recast Eddie Brock with the native variant I guess we will just have to roll with the punches. I do doubt that they go that route though.

4. Post credit scene? Nah Fam… Full Multiverse of Madness Trailer!!!

Multiverse of OMG did I just see that!!! Marvel gives us an early holiday gift in the form of a full Multiverse of Madness trailer. As I am watching and digesting all I’m thinking is good, this is good. I like it. Everything is playing out as I would expect. We see Stephen Strange obviously, along with sorcerer supreme Wong. We see Wanda and all her glory as Strange approaches her for help. From the first look it seems she is side kicking with Strange rather than playing at least a semi antagonist role in the wake of West View. Still kind of hoping for her to go a little rogue and get all Scarlet Witch on everyone's asses. We get our first on screen look at the multiverse kicking America Chavez. Then we get to see the return of Mordo. He’s been spending most of this time since DS1 growing his hair out. I can appreciate that. Presumably he’s also been doing his part to reduce the MCU wizard head count. Late in the trailer he drops a line on Strange, the biggest threat to the multiverse… is you. He’s clearly referencing the events of No Way Home and how reckless Stephen was behaving. WRONG! GASP! Cut to What If Dark Dr Strange variant! Dr Strange was one of the brightest spots in the What If series. Arguably the most powerful character that Marvel has ever put on screen. Let's face it, he did most of the work when it came to defeating the infinity stone wielding super Ultron Prime. What a way to end the night.

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