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Spiderman: No Way Home

Teaser Trailer Review!

Yes it's that time again where Marvel takes you by the hand and pulls you back into their universe of awesomeness. As main characters like Tony Stark and Captain America go bye-bye, others need to pick up the slack, and Peter Parker is just the one to do it.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of what's to come all due to Dr Steven Strange. Thank you Dr Strange!

The multi-verse is coming and the film looks packed with baddies from various films with rumors of other Spider-Man allies and more villains we haven't even seen yet.

The Green Goblin and Doc Ock make their film debut within the MCU which is exciting on both character wise and actor wise, since both William Dafoe and Alfred Molina killed it as the Goblin and Dr in Toby Mcguires Spider-Man movies.

Only time will tell if they can pull this movie off, or if we just get another Spider-Man 3.

I give the teaser trailer a grade of 4 out of 5, it gives us a lot of hype and plenty to discuss for the next few months.

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