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Spiderman: Movie Rankings

So, I was debating doing this for awhile now, and even thought about doing this on a podcast, but now is the time.

So what Spiderman movie is best in my opinion? What movie can I watch over and over? Well, there are tiers to this and I'm also leaving out anything Spiderman was barely in, like Civil War, Infinity War, and End Game. Anyway, My tiers are as follows.

1. Amazing- pretty self explanatory. The movie is really good and re-watchable.

2. Good- Its pretty good, had some good stuff going for it and definitely has rewatch potential.

3. OK - could of done better, but it was entertaining.

4. Eh- A movie that might be ok, but somewhere along the lines you go, "I wish this was better" or "This isnt that good."

5. You're trash Brock- a movie that makes you shake your head and scream into the heavens "Why did you make this!?"

Got it? So let's get started.

Spiderman 3

Ranking: 8

Tier: You're trash Brock

MVP: Emo Spiderman

Yes, this bag of trash filled nonsense utterly killed the Spiderman franchise for a time. Yes it had its moments, somewhat, and yes Danny Elfman's music is legit great, but that doesn't help the plot or whatever was happening in this shit grab bag. Ok, I'm being a little harsh on this film, but what they did to Venom was unforgivable, including casting choice.

The movie did give us Emo Spiderman and I did like Harry Osbournes relationship with Peter Parker, including the fight scenes. But that "Martha" moment where Harry's butler pretty much said Spiderman didn't kill his father on purpose was cringeworthy. But I still remember what happened in this movie, so I guess that's a plus. I usually delete that shit from my brain archives once I decide to hate something.

Amazing Spiderman 2

Ranking: 7

Tier: Eh

MVP: Green Goblin for killing Gwen

This movie....what the shit. Maybe this should change places with Spiderman 3 or drop a tier. I can barely remember anything that happened in this movie other than Green Goblin killing Gwen and the teasing of Sinister Six. I really liked Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and loved Emma's Stones Gwen Stacy but that couldnt save this movie. Green Goblin was terrible even though I like the Chronicles star Dane DeHaan, it just wasnt a good interpretation of what that character should be, in my eyes anyway. Electro? Same thing, he was utterly forgettable in this movie. Jamie Foxx's talent was wasted in this film and that's disappointing. This movie put the brakes on making this a trilogy and pretty much pushed the fan favorite into Marvels hands.

Spiderman: Far from Home

Ranking: 6

Tier: Ok

MVP: Iron Man

The Marvel Spidermans latest movie was alright. Was it great? No. Was it bad? No. Its kind of right in the middle. It had its moments.

Yes, I wrote that the MVP is Iron Man because he continues to be the influence that drives Spidermans story and life. Mr Tony Stark is also the reason for Spidermans villains thus far and we'll see if that trend continues in the next Spiderman film.

This movie was ok with a semi decent villain with Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio and who doesnt love Zendaya's MJ or sidekick Jacob Batalons Ned?! Those two are very likeable characters. The plot was ok, but it was hinged on what Iron Man did which is create another disgruntled former employee.

The movie does have it's funny Marvel moments we are accustomed to and I honestly laughed Like usual. I take the MVP back...its J. Jonah Jameson who outed Peter Parker as Spiderman!

Amazing Spiderman

Rank: 5

Tier: Good

MVP: Spiderman

Like I mentioned I love Emma Stone and Andrew Garfields characters of Spiderman and Gwen Stacy. I think this movie is pretty fun and shows Peter Parkers emotional side more and I believe he smack talked more than the original trilogy.

I also liked the thin line Spiderman walked on with being a vigilante and how the police doesnt want some guy wearing a mask running around the streets going after potential bad guys.

The relationship between Parker and Stacy is better than what the original trilogy gave us with MJ and Peter. I also loved the science aspect of it all with Dr Curt Conners who wanted to help humanity and himself with a self healing regeneration from taken from lizards. This eventually caused the good Dr to become the Lizard and change his way of thinking. He also worked for Oscorp and gave us some insight into where the company stood in the way of bad or good.

It's a good movie with replayability. Plus Dennis Leary is awesome as Gwen's dad.

Spiderman: Homecoming

Rank: 4

Tier: Good

MVP: Spiderman

I love Tom Hallands version of Spiderman, I also like the fact that hes in highschool still and is still a teen. He looks the part and acts the part. I'm really reluctant to say this, but there can be an arguement made that Holland is the best Spiderman. I know! Dont fight with me on this!

So what did we get in this first attempt from Marvel after making a deal with Sony? We got a pretty diverse cast, a pretty great Spiderman, and Michael fkn Keaton as Vulture! How can you not like that? But again, Vulture was created because of Iron Man, another person who turned villain because of Tony Stark.

It was funny, entertaining, and gave us some interesting banter between Peter and Happy Hogan. We also have a nice teacher student relationship between Peter and Stark. The only downside of it all was the final battle between Vulture and Spiderman, I thought it was to dark to follow. Other than that I had no issues with this movie, its definitely re-watchable.


Rank: 3

Tier: Good

MVP: Green Goblin

The original Spiderman with Toby McGuire was just to good. From Peter being the dork that was easily picked on to Parker facing his best friends father in a battle of life or death.

The relationship between Harry and Norman Osbourne shines throughout the film, most specifically how Norman sees Peter Parker as someone like himself and maybe even wish that his son was like Peter. The three way relationship between Peter, Harry, and MJ is very important as well and it shows throughout all the films in the trilogy.

Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin/Norman Osbourne was perfect casting. His tone, the voice, his mannerisms, and his off the wall crazy side with Green Goblin is awesome.

The fights between Spiderman and Goblin are fun and maybe the best quote from any movie is from Green Goblin when he makes Spiderman choose on who to save with this gem, "Spider-Man. This is why only fools are heroes - because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love... or suffer the little children? Make your choice, Spider-Man, and see how a hero is rewarded!"

God damn that's cold!

The fight scenes were awesome and even the cliffhanger we get at the end is top notch. Peter had a hand in, not intentionally, killing his best friends dad, which puts Peter and Harry in an awkward position in the next two movies.

Spiderman 2

Rank: 2

Tier: Amazing

MVP: Doc Ock

This is one of the best Spiderman movies made and maybe one of the top superhero films created. Sam Raimi did an amazing job directing and we even get some 'evil dead' vibes.

Toby McGuire kills it as Peter Parker who is having issues in life and it affects him being Spiderman so much that he loses the powers he has for a time. Hes being pulled in all directions and emotionally hes drained. From work, being Spiderman, his cracked relationship with Harry, to slacking in college, to his secret of being in love with MJ, it's just to much for him to handle.

The relationship between Harry and Peter is great in this, showing it's not the same and will never be. And let's not forget Doc Ock! Alfred Molina practically made the movie as Doctor Octopus, he was a perfect villain who took over the movie once he turned into Doc Ock.

The battles were great and having Harry Osbourne send Doc Ock after Spiderman and having that shocked look on his face once he saw the person he hated most in life was his best friend was priceless. Not only that but the reveal to MJ that Peter was Spiderman and her shock gave me goosebumps. Loved it. This movie gets two thumbs up and is a top tier rewatch type of movie.

Dum dum dum!!! Finally, we got to the number one spot.

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

Rank: 1

Tier: Amazing

MVP: Miles Morales

This isnt live action so it might be easier to do certain things, but this movie delivers on another level. This movie had it all. Great plot, great character development, amazing fights, great villains, several surprises, an amazing dope soundtrack, and more importantly set up Miles Morales as one hell of a Spiderman.

This movie was just such a unexpected top notch movie, from beginning to end. From all the characters showing up to Miles coming into his own, I cant say enough of a great film this is.

Peter Parker as Miles reluctant teacher is great and sets them up for very touching farewell. The villains were superb, which includes Miles uncle who he adores, is the Prowler who is Kingpins enforcer. King Pin is a big baddie that isnt just being evil for no reason, everything thats happening in the multiverse is because King Pin lost his family and wants to get them back. Who wouldnt go hell in back to bring back their love or child? I know I would.

This movie is beyond fun and great. Let's just hope the sequel will blow everyone's expectations out of the water like the first film. Even typing this up is making me want to watch the movie.

So what do you think? Comment below and share what you believe is the top Spidey movie of all time or maybe you're Spiderman rankings. Remember, comment, like, share, doing this saves a Pound Puppy a day.

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