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Spider-Man No Way Home

Multiple Spiderman No Way Home trailers have dropped and there is “No Way”... we can post just once about it. Mikie has already given an overview of this epic conclusion to the MCUs Spiderman trilogy so I am just going to dive into a few specifics that really stood out to me in the trailer... in addition to rambling on probably more than needed.

Foremost, let’s appreciate that we are finally getting some MCU big guns returning to the big screen. Yes we’ve gotten plenty of Marvel this past year with the Disney+ content of Wanda-Vision, Falcon/Winter Soldier, and Loki. Yes we got a kind of random Black Widow movie like four years too late. We even got the introduction of Shang-Chi who feels like he will be a solid contributor moving forward. Lastly, a fair Eternals story to round out the year. But let’s be honest, this lineup can’t compete with the return of Spiderman and Dr. Strange, two of the top fan favorites remaining in the MCU.

It really looks like the Marvel Cinematic Sony Spider Universe is really pulling out all the stops in this one. How, I repeat, how can you even hope to top the stakes in this film? It is the crossover event that no one thought was even possible. The fact that two major studios could set their egos aside enough to give us fans something out of our dreams is commendable. This is legit, the kind of completely out of control shit kids playing with their Spiderman toys would do one a Saturday morning. Multiple reality sinister six… Multiple reality Spiderman team up. (While not confirmed it is all but a guarantee at this point) It will be a major letdown for Toby and Andrew to not show up. Credit Sony for not completely showing their hand in the trailer and saving the big reveal(s) for the theater.

I’ll even throw in a fourth spider. A live action Miles Morales appearance would be mind blowing. The Into the spider-verse version may be a little young but how about tie in the PlayStation Miles.

In the words of the late Pietro...

We can see that Holland has some assistance in what we can assume is the finally. Brazilian trailer footage shows Lizard getting clocked in the face mid slow-motion dramatic jump but the assailant was scrubbed from the footage. Removing Strange would be pointless so they are definitely hiding someone. Most likely another Spiderman, or should I say Spidermen. I applaud the internet for fantastic suggestions such as Antman, Drax, or John Cena. Another wildcard option would be Venom since we know he’s in route to NYC to lick Peter Parker. But who’s side would he be on? If you want to read into the rumor mill we can bring up Daredevil and Kingpin being involved but I think their involvement is unlikely at this point.

On the subject of baddies, we get shots of a reimagined Electro, Lizard, and Sandman, but they play second fiddle compared to Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. They are legendary reprisals by Dafoe and Molina and it will be quite a task to steal any of their thunder. The question remains, who is going to round out the Sinister Six? Could we get Kingpin from Netflix? If Venom caught the red eye would he side with the villains? We’ve got three Rami villains and two Amazing villains so could it be another rival to Garfield’s Spidey to even it out? But why hide someone like Rhino? And do we need a second green gobby? What about one of Holland’s own foes? Vulture is still alive although who the hell knows where he is for him to have crossed paths with Morbius … Scorpion was teased in Homecoming… Perhaps Mysterio is not as dead as we think.

A small detail to appreciate and one of my favorite moments in the trailer was Doc Ock absorbing Peter’s nanotech. This. Was. Awesome! The expression on the Doc’s face really sold it for me. I imagine it being similar to the first time Cap used the internet. Shock, Intrigue, and even a little intimidated. It felt like at that moment he just realized that the technology in this reality far surpassed where his home world left off. In a trailer breakdown from one of my favorite YouTube Channels, New Rockstars, they pulled a reference to nanotech from all the way back to the O.G. first Rami Spiderman. Sure it was a conversation between Peter Parker and Norman Osborn, but you have to assume a scientist like Otto would be aware of Norman’s work. The difference being in his home reality, it was probably more on a base theoretical level.

Additional trailer footage now shows that Doc Ock is not the only one who’s been Stark-ified as Electro has powered up with a refurbished arc reactor. Even in death, Tony Stark remains a factor in the MCU. It remains to be seen if any other Sinister Six members have new stark upgrades… although what would a giant lizard and a pile of sand do with Stark tech? I do hope that in the first interaction between MCU Spiderman and sandman, Parker plays him off as just another elemental illusion. It could be a fun moment.

The question still remains… Who exactly isn’t coming home? My first thought / guess would be Holland Spiderman himself. The Doctor Strange spell failed rendering his identity still public knowledge presumably. More importantly outside of the cinematics, this would be a way to wrap up the character sharing contract between Marvel and Sony and be the perfect opportunity to insert Parker into the Peter-less Sony Spiderverse. Well we now know that Sony has realized they suck and they need Disney to keep the gravy train choo chooing. That’s my take on Sony and Disney extending the Spiderman sharing contract for at least three more films. This reduces the likelihood of Spiderman not having a way back to his MCU home. Plus Venom just got to the MCU so Spiderman leaving wouldn’t be ideal for their inevitable clash.

If Spiderman is staying home, who else could be on the bubble for getting voted off the MCU island? The only other MCU native that would merit having the No Way Home title associated with them is Dr. Strange. We also know that Strange and Parker clash in this movie, although it seems they are back to tag teaming by the third act, perhaps reluctantly. There is a chance their scuffle culminates with Strange being stranded in another reality. We know his next solo flick is Multiverse of Madness so it is certainly possible he begins that multiversal adventure from another reality.

Alternatively, it may be one, some, or all of the villains that have no way home. While unlikely for characters like Doc Ock and Green Goblin, there is a small chance for one of the other sinister six. While there would be some level of intrigue for Electro, I don’t see much of a point in keeping Sandman or Lizard around. If this is the route they are going, it would hinge on the mystery villain, if there is one. Could you lump Venom in here? Maybe. It would be a good opportunity for Sony to pluck a good character out of their somewhat of a disaster Sonyverse and just cut their losses after the Morbius release. (It would be nice to see Morbius and Blade tangle together)

!Semi Spoiler for Hawkeye ahead!

If you are keeping up on Disney+’s Hawkeye Uncle Fisk rumors are heating up. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin would be a tremendous addition to the MCU and him having no way home would benefit all of us. Technically he is homeless anyway. Although the timelines would be a little wonky if this is how he enters the MCU. We won’t get into that here though.

Going to end the rambling here. What are your thoughts on Spiderman No Way Home? Who will round out the Sin6? Who is joining Spiderman in the fight?

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