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Space Wars: China

Well it was inevitable that we, the human race would venture up into space to explore the universe with humans, and to be honest, it's what humanity should Strive for in the first place.

So China wants to build a miles long space ship to explore the Galaxy, basically a star destroyer and you know what, despite the hostilities and tension that they're causing, I hope they succeed.

If anyone was gonna make a Star Destroyer or God damn X-wings in case aliens attack its gotta be China, right? I mean what can't they do at this point?

It was only a matter of time before we had Star Wars, Star Trek, and maybe Babylon 5 type tech to explore, Occupy planets, and re-educate any aliens that may be in our way of our new Imperial expansion.

So if China makes a Star Destroyer, it means several other countries will join in on the space fun, specifically America and Russia. So how would that work? If we have a bunch of "warships" in space, where's the border? Is there one? How can you even enforce a space border? I have so many questions!

The link for the Chinese Star Destroyer program is here

Hopefully China can figure this whole thing out, because I for one would love seeing humans begin searching the stars before I'm gone. Not to mention if they do accomplish this, America better get their shit together and start building one of their own.

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