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Sony releases two dates of the next slate of movies

Sony released two dates for Marvel movies ser for July 10, 2020 and October 2, 2020 which will most likely be Venom and Morbius to continue their blasphemous ways of a Spiderman universe without Spiderman.

Most people are guessing as to what films will be placed on these dates and those are probably the best educated guesses. Makes sense, Venom did very well at the box office and Morbius is about to be filmed so that July 10th date would make sense. Venom most appropriately will come out in October, i would bet money on that.

But what else will Sony throw out at us? The green Goblin? Dr Octopus? Spiderman has a ton of enemies just waiting to be used. Can Sony be patient and play this game the right way and make decent movies for us fans in the process is another story. But it still feels weird to me without Peter Parker roaming the streets of this universe, but that's just me.

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