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Something to hold you over until the insanity escapes.

So for the first time in quite some time, I figured why not just drop on in and say howdy to you. Lifes funny isn't it? We all do what we must in order to survive, but when the will is pushed back down into the abyss of human existence. I feel sometimes that I'm wasting my life. Like there's nothing for me here but to waste what little time I have on this planet. I guess that's the life of a writer though, the majority of the time you're trying to create and garner the attention of the reader and then the rest is you wishing for something to finally happen. With that being said here's a small excerpt for you to enjoy until the big day. Much love and respect.

Lisa then told me that what I had seen in that compound of lost souls was nothing more than an illusion. A world crafted by the hands of a being so powerful that it lurks within the very wild. My mind was racing with thoughts about just what happened to these people to know the truth. Then came the stories about how these people were buried in and given shelter and food one by one. For they were shown the exact same thing as everyone here. Those who knew right off the hop that something was wrong made it out alive without a scratch. Others weren't so lucky; those poor souls were devoured whole and left to spend eternity wandering about like a caged animal. That everything from their bodies and minds was consumed, even that of their very soul. The Old Man nodded his head and got up to gather his thoughts. The Old Man brought up the question of Alan, and so I brought it upon myself to tell them all that indeed I had seen him. A hush fell over them all as I told them what had happened to him. I apologized for what I had told them about his demise. How the cruel hand of fate took and put an end to his suffering. I soon brought up that I had seen Lisa there in that compound herself or someone who bore a striking resemblance to her. She responded by telling me that it was nothing more than an illusion. THat since she had spent some time there like the others, it had used her likeness in trapping poor unsuspecting souls.

"Just what in God's name is this thing?" I asked in complete shock at what I was hearing.

"Something not from this realm." The voice of an elderly woman said from out in the shadows.

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