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Solo review, eh

Solo (non spoiler)

I was one of many fans who didnt go see the movie Solo in the theaters, because I felt that Rian Johnson along with Disney kind of messed the Star Wars universe up. So, I didnt want to get disappointed again and didnt see it in theaters.

I'm a huge star wars nut but I'm open minded, so I'm not the typical fan that has declared war on Disney and hopes Rian Johnson gets beaten with a sock full of quarters. I went in hopeful. So here we go.

I just couldnt get into it at all. I tried like hell, but It shouldn't take me four tries to watch a movie. I watched loads of crap movies and was able to finish them on one try. (Starship Troopers 3, I wish I never saw you!)

It explained nothing of Hans past, hes just naturally an expert pilot and a marksmen. I honestly dont even want to talk about the movie. In my opinion star wars is taking swings and completely missing.

Ok. I'll try this again.

Han is on Corellia, his homeworld and shows early on that he wants off, but in order to do so he needs some sort of currency to accomplish that. He uses his charm, wit, and brash strategy to wing it and accomplish just that. Unfortunately he leaves someone behind. Not his fault by the way. But it's his story and the entire movie revolves around that moment of leaving someone he potentially loves behind.

The only way off the damn planet is through the imperial academy, which we all knew, he joined the empire and helps them for a few years which might of been cool to watch, but they decided it didnt matter and slipped three years...Yeah.

So he runs into Beckett, played by Woody Harrelson, who I actually enjoyed. Then meets Chewbacca soon after. Then gets off planet and joins Becketts little team for a heist.

Yeah. There was to many coincidences, yes I know it's just a movie, but it seemed rushed and they decided screw it, put all these characters together right away.

(Do I need to keep talking about this movie?) Ok fine. I'm gonna stay away from being negative and just tell you what I liked.

The good: 1.Woody Harrelson as Beckett, I actually enjoyed his character. 2. Chewbacca was actually awesome, considering his language is just a bunch of moans and groans. 3. The train heist scene is actually fun and I was mildly entertained by it. 4. Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover actually did a good job at portraying Lando and Han, I liked the chemistry and banter between them. 5. A surprise cameo happens and it kicks you in the face. Not literally. But I think it stunned me for a second.

Again, I for some odd reason i couldnt get into this movie, maybe I hate Han Solo. Maybe Kylo Ren is doing this review, which in that case, the movie was terrible, Han Solo is a terrible person that only loves himself.

2 lightsabers out of 5....Maybe one day I'll give it another go...No. That was just a bold and filthy lie, I wont watch this movie again.

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