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Sick Children =sick parents

I love my kids. I have five of them and I wouldnt hesitate to die for them if necessary. Yeah, I'm probably going a little overboard here due to the fact my body feels like I was hit by a speeding truck or that my body feels like its falling apart as I write this, screaming in agony from the inside due to this cold that punched me in the mouth faster than CM Punks last pro fight. (I still love ya Punk)

Yes the inevitable cold. Every season I get one and it kicks me in the balls repeatedly for a week. I've been chewing Vitamin C like a crackhead doing crack, trying so desperately to avoid this nonsensical sickness that we still havent found a cure for.

Now after a rough work week where I wanted to put my coworkers inside a rocket ship and send them to another planet, I somehow managed to not get sick. One full day with the kids however and its Sickness Blitzkrieg. Yes, a major offensive against my immune system has commenced and I'm not happy about it.

Now i throw down vitamins and medicines to begin the initial defense, then in my imaginary inner workings of my body will send out Navy Seals to counter the sickness, to cut them down like the terminators they are, and hopefully slow them down enough to finally counter attack.

But this is what the children do. These wonderful children bring sicknesses into the house. That's what being a parent entails. Getting whatever your kids ultimately have. This is what I signed up for except no one told me this is what I'd be getting.

Did the kids do this on purpose? No. Or maybe they did, I guess a 'chemical attack' that affected my body would knock me out cold so they can stay up later. Hmmm. Now I'm not sure.

What's also great about having multiple children is the fact that anytime someone does something, there is a month long investigation into the matter. My kids are tough to crack. It takes long hours and being cunning to figure certain things out. Like who ate the last piece of pizza, or who ate all the pop tarts and left the empty box in the cabinet. How about who spilled the juice? There are so many little mysterious happenings that unfold here. Apparently a ghost does this all. Silly me.

So here I am, getting sick, and watching my children who I believe are secretly planning to lock me in the closet.

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