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Shredders Revenge Gameplay!

As I sit here writing, I'm honestly happy and excited for another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video game. I wrote about this game and the potential wants of, well, me, but I didn't have any game play footage of the button mashing ninjitsu fueled action game. Now we get to see a small glimpse of this anticipated game and determine whether or not our excitement is warranted.

I'm pretty hyped for this game to be honest, although I wish several things were changed. I do love we get to use Master Splinter for the first time and even April O'Neil, I just wish it was the April that was taught Ninjitsu by Master Splinter and not the microphone wielding News Reporter, but the 80's April is still a welcome addition to the action game, and I have no complaints on the subject. I do, however, wish Casey Jones was among those on this roster to use since he's been a mainstay for a very long time, not to mention one of the characters that most people want to use to beat some Purple Dragons down with.

We still don't have a roster of baddies, although I think we will get the villains and lackeys we're all used to. Rocksteady, Bebop, Krang, Rat King, Baxter, Shredder and so on, those are the main pain in the butt bag guys that give the Turtles headaches.

I do love the way it looks and how fast paced the game seems to be, even the characters look great. I'm just really curious on when its being released and if they have any surprises instore for us fans of TMNT inside the game, whether its a callback for past games or a character that no one thought would show up to face the Turtles, or maybe a swerve to all of us and somehow this game actually allows Shredder to win, which would mean more video games based on the fearsome foursome, which I'm not against at all. If they make good content and a decent easy story to follow, then by all means continue making Ninja Turtles video games for me, I mean us.

Here's both Master Splinters player trailer for the game and April O'Neil's below that. Yes I called him Master, put some respect on his name, he's earned it.

Chrome Dome and Zorax is also rumored to be in this game as I read as much as I can about it, which is different and awesome. It means the Triceratons will be involved somehow, maybe a little Triceratons vs TMNT vs Footclan action going on story wise! Chrome Dome, I vaguely remember him in the cartoon or comics, I do remember having his toy though. I don't know much about Chrome Dome, just all vague memories, like I believe he was in the 2012 TMNT series, but don't remember him being in the 2002 series. Damn my memories!

Just to have a chance to beat up Rocksteady and Bebop again makes me happy, although TMNT arcade, Turtles in Time, and 2016's Mutants in Manhattan keeps me busy on those days I'd like to let my inner child free so he can go about his way defeating foot ninja and beating any mutants that stands in his way. But back to the this potential Gem. We need Casey Jones and damnit put Karai in the damn game! You don't understand the need for me to use Jones and hit some purple dragon member with a hockey stick or use a Jose Canseco bat on a dangerous mutant, like Baxter Stockman.

So with that said, what are you most excited for in this game? Do you think we should get a bigger roster? Maybe Casey Jones, Usagi, Slash, and maybe Leatherhead? What was the last ninja turtle game you played? Let us know below what you think of this upcoming title and your thoughts and hopes of what you'll get out of playing this video game.

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