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Shredders Revenge DLC

That's right, my favorite Samurai Rabbit is coming to the Ninja turtles universe via video games and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited. We all thought we weren't getting anything new for the awesome Ninja Turtles video game and we were all wrong. I guess they made enough money to realize it was a safe bet that more money would be thrown in their direction if they continued with DLC's.

Dimension Shellshock, which is the expansions name, will most likely come out late this year. This new edition to the already pretty sick game will bring in more levels and more characters, namely Usagi. That's all I care about right now, Usagi taking down foot soldiers in his own land and lending his teenage mutant counterparts a hand at ridding the world once and for all of the Shredder.

Tell me the picture above isn't bad ass? I dare you. The foot have no idea who they are even messing with, but they'll find out soon enough. I'm kind of curious on the story they tell to bring Usagi into the fight for the world, or if the Turtles get sucked into Usagi's and tries to save his. Apparently from what I read, Shredder is trying to take over the multi-verse itself and the Neutrinos from Dimension X come to Earth and ask the Turtles for help and thus that begins the newest adventure. I'm down with that easy told story. Although, the whole multiverse thing has been overly played recently in all forms of entertainment.

I'm kind of curious about the potential of Shredder actually being taken out and having another big baddie take his place for future titles or if Shredder will keep on ticking and doing his evildoer type shenanigans until the end of time. I would love for Slash and Leatherhead to be playable characters, that would be dope. I already have this game on my wish list for Steam so when it comes out I'm ready to go, lets hope we don't have to much time to wait.

So with that said, are you ready for some turtle power!? Are you going to get it? Did you like Shredders Revenge? Let me know below.

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