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Shredders Revenge

Shredders Revenge!!

Finally, after years of waiting, we get a Ninja Turtle arcade style video game that will be available for some consoles and PC.

The trailer ( seen here ) is full of animated goodness that will make the world a happy place, a better place. This game will cure disease and bring peace to Earth.

After the animated opening of awesomeness and listening to the newest version of the opening theme song from the original TMNT series, we get actual gameplay which shows which I can only describe as heaven. Anyone order Nostalgia supreme with extra pepperoni?! Cause that's what we are getting and I'm not even mad. It also shows that four people can play at the same time, whether that's local or online, I'm not sure yet.

It looks like we'll get the old band of baddies back to cause havoc against our favorite green shelled heroes, with Shredder taking lead.

So it looks like Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Chromedome, the footclan ninjas, and the Triceratons will be the enemies of the game with more to come.

I for one cant wait to kick some foot clan ass and wield the double katana as Leonardo, leading charge into the technodrome to finally defeat the Shredder for good.

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