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Same old Giants

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

God do teams just revamp their offensive lines in one off season? The Giants had one of the best offensive lines in football at one time and since then can not seem to do anything right at those positions.

Also, again, we can pretty much call what the Giants are gonna do on the offensive side of things. Jason Garrett, who I had faith in, just doesn't seem to be a good fit as of now.

Have we had enough of a sample size to tell whether Daniel Jones will work as a New York Giant yet? I mean there were glimpses of Quarterback goodness, but it also showed his inability to take control of the game. Despite the fact he didn't have a crazy Stat game, I'm actually slightly happy about his zero turnovers against a very good pass rushing team, even though one play he stopped looking down field and started looking for the sack which wasn't quite there yet which was frustrating, but who am I to complain, I'm not being chased and hit by super people who are jacked and run like deer. Damnit, I forgot he fumbled the damn ball on a QB run, damnit Jones!!!

Barkley couldn't do anything behind that offensive line and I'm a bit surprised they didn't use him more in the passing game, I know he lined up quite a bit as a receiver, but didn't get the ball. I think not having Engram out there didn't help, he barely went to the Tightends Sunday.

The Defense is supposed to be their strength and at times it looked like a weakness, guys were getting wide open in the middle of the field constantly. I love the defensive back field but there seemed to be some rust on the players which I hope they work through.

Their linebacker Corp isn't the best, I love the speed and power they have, but coverage isn't their strength. I also think they were way to aggressive at times, going with an all out blitz against a pretty accuracy and smart QB isn't the smartest thing to do.

I'm not gonna panic yet, but I can feel I'm going to be frustrated most of the season. Now the G men get to play one of the best defensive lines in football on a short rest week, which is fine since it's week one, but I'm not very hopeful they can muster enough offense to beat Washington, much like last year where they best them twice mostly because of their defense making plays.

It's gonna be a long year for Giants football I think. First game of the season, first L, 27 to 13 in what should of been a winnable game.

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