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Sabu "Probably" Retired

The old ECW legend is most likely calling it quits after sustaining a back injury last year and deciding to Wrestle again hurting himself even more. At 56 years old its pretty hard to see him doing his thing with his style of wrestling.

He's only wrestled once or twice in the last year and has said he may just do meet and greets/ signings from now on, unless someone like Brock Lesnar wanted to Wrestle. l guess Sabu wants to just totally destroy his back.

From his feuds with Rob Van Dam and Taz, to his crazy matches with Terry Funk and Cactus Jack, he will go down as one of the hard-core greats. His tag team matches along side RVD and Taz are extremely good as well. He did it all.

The former ECW champion had a great career and helped push a movement in the mid 90s which changed wrestling forever, he will be missed in the ring but never forgotten.

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