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Rumor Report

1. Avengers 4 movie trailer will come out soon. How soon? Who the hell knows. These other websites are like weathermen, "yeah, its gonna be sunny today." Boom, we get snow. Sons of bitches!

Just like that the world has started to chant in unison, "Give us the trailer. Give us the trailer", like some deranged cult we scream from the top of our lungs, "Give it to us Disney! it!" Then we quickly go away from conservative fan to aggressive assholes shouting, "I want the trailer now you bags of asshats, hand it over!", like some kind of masked robber in the night.

But no, from several sourcesthat everyone is basing most of the information on, "its supposedly", coming either tomorrow or sometime early December, most likely before the 5th. But who the hell knows, these people dont. I'm just gonna flip a coin and say yes, it will come out some time in the next week and a half. Boom, prediction, although vague, has been made.

2. Star wars secretly is trying to right the ship that is Star Wars. Basically the Falcon (Disney) is being shot at by star destroyers (the fans), Han is trying to fix the Falcon as his ship is being shot, and Princess Leia thinks everything will be alright.

So rumors swirling around my temple of doom, is that they secretly brought in George Lucas to make the Obi Wan Kenobi solo film. My little troll monkeys tell me that his name was mentioned in directing a film in Northern Ireland in 2019. Interesting stuff. But the only real movie I wanted to see is Maul vs Obi Wan, and that was done in Clone wars and ended in Rebels. That would of been cool as hell.

So that's all I have after being sick and frozen in carbonite for the last few days. Thanks for stopping by and remember, Leonardo is and will always be the best Ninja Turtle.

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